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Castelldefels is located 20 km from Barcelona and it is known for its wonderful fine sand beach that is over 5 km long. Castelldefels beach is provided with all kind of equipment and offers the chance to do watersports, take a dip in the calm Mediterranean Sea or just sunbathe.

These are some of the most interesting places in Castelldefels I would recommend:

  • Castelldefels Beach
  • Castelldefels Promenade
  • Castelldefels Downtown
  • Muntanyeta Park
  • Granota Park
  • Castelldefels Castle
  • Castelldefels Cal Ganxo (in Garraf Natural Park)

Castelldefels beach from Garraf Natural Park
4.8Km long Castelldefels beach from the nearby Garraf Natural Park

Castelldefels Beach

It is said that Castelldefels beach is the beach of Barcelona because of its closeness and its high environment qualities. You can get the beach taking the renfe train C-2 line (there is a train station called Castelldefels Platja next to the beach) or taking the bus (L94, L95 , L96 i L97).

Castelldefels beach located near Barcelona
Castelldefels beach under a lovely day

Castelldefels Beach in Barcelona
Castelldefels beach located near Barcelona

Castelldefels beach located near Barcelona
People with children spending a fantastic day in Castelldefels

You can play sports on the beach of Castelldefels, like soccer or beach volleyball

Snack bar beside Castelldefels beach
A snack bar beside Castelldefels beach 

Obviously there is a long seafront where you can walk meanwhile you enjoy lovely sights of Garraf Natural Park. Around 15th july a interesting festive activity is celebrated, called SEA MARKET, where you could enjoy a pirate disembark, fireworks and concerts.

Castelldefels Promenade

Promenade and beach of Castelldefels
Promenade and beach of Castelldefels

Castelldefels beach and promenade
I really like walking along the promenade of Castelldefels meanwhile I enjoy lovely sights of Garraf Natural Park

Snack bar Tiburon in Castelldefels
The snack bar Tiburon (Passeig Marítim 120) is located beside the promenade of Castelldefels, so it's perfect to enjoy a drink after a walk next to the beach

A nice park in Castelldefels
This nice park is located halfway between the beach of Castelldefels and the downtown

Castelldefels Downtown

Castelldefels downtownOne of the shopping streets of Castelldefels. At the end of this pedestrian street, it can be seen the church

Castelldefels church
Castelldefels church

Main street of CastelldefelsMain street of Castelldefels. The streets like this one near the town centre are pedestrian

Castelldefels is a very active town plenty of green areas where children could play and enjoy the nature such as Muntanyeta Park or Granota Park. In the first one the Summer Festival is held annually on 15th august with free-ticket concerts.

Muntanyeta Park

Muntanyeta Park in Castelldefels
Playground in Muntanyeta Park near the downtown of Castelldefels. In summer, free-ticket concerts take place in this quite large park

Granota Park

Granota Park in Castelldefels
Wooden Bridge in Granota Park, a lovely park in Castelldefels

Playground in Granota Park
Wooden structure in Granota Park in Castelldefels where children can imagine their cottage

Castelldefels Castle

Castelldefels Castle
Near Granota park, Castelldefels Castle is located in a high location of the town

Cal Ganxo in Catelldefels

Cal Ganxo in a map of Garraf Natural Park
Cal Ganxo belongs to Garraf Natural Park

Way to Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels
Walking to Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels

Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels
Another way to get to Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels

Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels
Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels is an information point of Garraf Natural Park

Montjuïc from Castelldefels
 Walking to Cal Ganxo we enjoyed this view of Montjuïc from Castelldefels

Castelldefels from Cal Ganxo
Enjoying the views from Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels

Excursions from Cal Ganxo in Castelldefels
Cal Ganxo is the starting point of several excursions in Garraf Natural Park

 Castelldefels from Cal Ganxo
 Fantastic view of Castelldefels from Cal Ganxo in the evening

Castelldefels Castle at nightFinally, a nice picture of Castelldefels castle lit at night

Besides, I would like to recommend you some interesting places:

Town Centre

  • Ice-Cream Parlor Carles (C/ Major 67)
  • Pizzería Il picolo mare (C/ Arcadi Balaguer, 36Tlf: 936 361 769)
  • Tiburon  Snack Bar  (Passeig Marítim, 120)
  • Robert’s Pub (Passeig Marítim, 220)
  • Fosbury Restaurant (Passeig Marítim, 299)
  • El Péndulo Pub (Ribera San Pedro 1,Tlf: 936 641 595)

Fosbury Restaurant in Castelldefels
Fosbury Restaurant beside the beach of Castelldefels

Tourism Information
  • Castelldefels Tourist Office (C/ Pintor Serrasanta 4, near the city hall)

Near Castelldefels you can also visit two interesting places: the lovely seaside village of Sitges and the Garraf Natural Park. Next, some pictures of these beautiful places.

Sitges beachSitges beach with the church and the Garraf Natural Park in the background. Palms indicate where the promenade is

Garraf National ParkOverview of the Garraf National Park

Garraf National ParkThe marina of the village of Garraf from the pahts of the Natural Park

There are more beautiful places near the city of Barcelona to visit, like for example:

Concerning beaches, below you have links of some of the most beautiful beaches in Catalonia:

Costa Brava beaches

Costa Daurada beaches

Other fantastic beaches I have visited in Spain and Portugal are:

Finally, clicking on the next link, you will find links to other beautiful villages and places in Catalonia.

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