sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009


In September the weather was still lovely, so we decided to spend a weekend in a really peaceful environment near Port del Compte ski resort. We also visited interesting places such as Cardona Castle, the old city of Solsona and the city of Berga.

Views from Cardona Castle

Thursday, 24 Setember 2009


A view of the Castle and the old quarter of Berga

In the background, the white building is the city hall of Berga

A painting about the Patum, which is the village fiesta of Berga

A typical narrow street of the old quarter

A tree-lined boulevard with the Calalan flag

Port del Comte

L'Avet, a rural hotel near Port del Compte ski resort. The Landscape was fantastic and the environment really peaceful. A perfect place to relax

Friday 25 Setember 2009

Port del Comte

We had a wide balcony to enjoy the warm sunlight :)

The environment was peaceful and the day was really lovely

We had driven only a few kilometers when we saw this fabulous viewpoint, perfect to take some photos of the reservoir of La Llosa del Cavall, which stores the water of the Cardener river

A closer view of the reservoir of La Llosa del Cavall

This is a picture of the typical environment of this area, taken from our car while we were driving to Solsona


We have arrived at Solsona and this is the main entrance to the old city

The cloister of the Cathedral of Solsona

The apse of the Cathedral of Solsona

Another entrance to the old city of Solsona

Main Square of Solsona

A picture in one of the typical streets of the old city of Cardona

And now, we went from Solsona to Cardona, where there is beautiful castle.

Castle of Cardona

As it's easily imagined, the views from Cardona Castle are wonderful thanks to its privileged location on the top of a hill

And next, some photos inside this beautiful castle:

Gothic archs in Cardona castle

A view of the well-know salt mines of Suria from Cardona Castle

An overview of the external walls of Cardona Castle

A really well conseved bastion of Cardona Castle