jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


Cordoba and Seville were the starting point and the end point of the route we did during the days we spent in La Costa del Sol in the early october. Two cities which became really important for some centuries in the past, as their fantastic old quarter evoke.

Cordoba Mosque with its distinct red an white horseshoe archs

Interesting places I visited in Córdoba and Sevilla:



* Strongly recommended

03 OCT 2010


Córdoba Álcazar

Córdoba Mosque


09 OCT 2010

Sevilla Cathedral and Giralda

Puerta de Jerez

Plaza de España

10 OCT 2010

Sevilla Álcazar

Sevilla Álcazar Gardens

Sevilla Cathedral

Sevilla at night

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Our route during this trip:

viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010


After visiting Cádiz, Seville showed us traces of the importance this city had as a nerve centre of the trade with America: one of the bigger gothic Cathedrals in Europe and La Giralda, its arab bell tower. Seville has also a lovely promenade along the Guadalquivir River between the Tower of Gold and Triana Bridge. I liked a lot Spain Square, the Alcázar and the Jewish quarter too.

Alcázar of Seville, built with arab influences

Interesting places I visited in Seville:

* Strongly recommended

DAY 7 - 09 OCT 2010El Arenal

Views from Triana

Tower of Gold

Spain Square

Tobacco Factory

Palace of Alfonso XIII

DAY 8 - 10 OCT 2010


Cathedral and La Giralda

Los Coloniales, a great restaurant!

Seville at night

DAY 9 - 11 OCT 2010

Plaza Nueva


Parque de Maria Luisa

Palacio de San Telmo

Santa Cruz

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Finally, other beautiful places you can visit in Spain are:

- Catalonia

- Basque Country

- Cantabria

- Granada