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Rupit and Tavertet are two beautiful medieval villages located 1h30min drive from the city of Barcelona. Spending the day walking through these two villages, leaving themselves away by their calm and quiet, and enjoying a stroll through Collsacabra and the fantastic views of the Sau reservoir are some of the best activities you can do in the northern area of Barcelona.


Medieval village of Rupit in CataloniaOverview of Rupit, a really beautiful medieval village in Catalonia

Suspension bridge in the medieval village of RupitThe suspension bridge over a creek is one of the attractions of a visit to the charming village of Rupit

Suspension bridge in the medieval village of RupitAnother view of the suspension bridge in Rupit

Typical stone houses in RupitTypical stone houses in Rupit, with their balconies full of flowers

Street in RupitThis street leads to the viewpoint of Rupit. From there you can enjoy fantastic views of this village

Path to Rupit where you can see on the right the bell tower of the church

Rupit from the viewpointRupit from the viewpoint

Sau reservoir

Sau reservoir from a point in Collsacabra near TavertetFantastic view of Sau reservoir and its dam from a point in Collsacabra near Tavertet

Sau reservoir from a point in Collsacabra near TavertetAnother view of Sau reservoir


Typical house in TavertetTypical house in Tavertet with wooden door and windows

Tavertet in CollsacabraTavertet in Collsacabra, from a close viewpoint

In Catalonia there are more beautiful medieval villages, like:

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These village has also a special charm and are perfect for a day out walking and enjoying their peace. Besides, clicking on the next link you will find more beautiful places in Catalonia.

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Unknown dijo...

Thank you for your detailed blog. I am coming to Barcelona in May and am looking for places to visit in Cataluña. I especially like the small medieval villages. Do you know of small pensións to stay in Siurana and Rupit/ Tavertet? I would even love to stay with a local family to experience the culture more first hand.

Frank dijo...

Hello Belinda,

First of all, thanks for your comment.

Regarding pensions in Siurana, I would recommend La Siuranella (website http://www.siuranella.com/).

Concerning Rupit and Tavertet, you can try to find a similar accommodation on the website www.toprural.com.

Best regards,


Bingo dijo...

Hi Frank,
I am looking for information about Rupit and see your blog, very nice pictures, thank you so much!
I have some small questions:
Is Tavertet far from Rupit? I know there is bus coming to Rupit from Barcelona but not sure about the Rupit-Tavertet route. What kind of transportation available?
I really want to see the cliff of Tavertet but it is so little information.

Thanks again,

Frank dijo...

Hi Bingo,

Thank you for your comment. Tavertet is located 11 kilometers from Rupit, so it's relatively close. I've been searching in Internet and I couldn't find any bus route which passes through Tavertet, so the only way to go to Tavertet from Rupit would be by car.