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After a trip to New York in 2007 I created this blog to share the pictures I took there with family and friends. However, this blog has become a fantastic way to organize and view the pictures of my trips abroad, my weekend short trips in Catalonia and my visits to beautiful places in Barcelona.

Sant Pol de Mar beach in Catalonia
Sant Pol de Mar beach in Catalonia

After my trips, I have realized that Barcelona is actually a really beautiful city, as I will try to show here from now on. About me, you already know that I'm an organized person. I also would say that I try to live every minute I have because time is our most precious treasure, together with health, love and friendship.

In 2006 my parents gave me my first camera, a compact digital one. With this camera I began to discover photography and gradually it has become one of my favorite hobbies.

In 2010 I bought a SLR to practice new concepts  of photography I was learning: depth of field, aperture, exposure time, light measurement, etc.

I also wanted to have a SLR to perform  photography more creatively, applying effects like defocusing, frozen water or silk effect.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
Taking a picture with my SLR camera in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

And what a better place to practice photography that the beautiful city of Barcelona, where I was born and grew up, and the fantastic places that Catalonia hides.

Plaça del Rei in Barcelona
Plaça del Rei is one of my favorite places in Barcelona

So this blog allows me to have available some of my best photos and share them with more people interested in photography as well as being a tribute to my city and a fantastic platform to show the city that I admire so much, the city of Barcelona.

Another of my hobbies besides traveling, discovering beautiful places in Barcelona and Catalonia and photography, is science and reading.

That is why I have been progressively writing for the last years entries about novels and science books I have read, as well as articles of science.

Sometimes science and reading merge together and articles are summaries of popular science books I liked a lot. In the posts about books, whether novels or scientific, I write a summary first and then my personal opinion about the book.

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Margaret dijo...

Congratulations on creating this lovely way of helping people understand and see your beautiful city.

Frank dijo...

Thanks a lot for your comment, Margaret. I really appreciate it.

Patricia dijo...

Thank you for sharing your city. I'm on my way there soon and have several weeks to explore so I appreciate your notes.

Frank dijo...

You are welcome, Patricia. I'm delighted that you appreciate the information you found in this blog.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for your incredible information...

Frank dijo...

Thanks to you for reading and appreciate what I write in this blog.

arabesque dijo...

hi there! randomly stumbled your blog while searching for a church in Barcelona.
Not only was it insightful but helpful as well.
I do hope you continue to share more of your travel stories and also, more added photos too. ^0^

Frank dijo...

Thanks a lot for your comment. Of course I will keep sharing pictures of my trips.