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During the three days we spent in la Costa Brava, we stayed at L'Escala Resort, where we enjoyed a lovely apartment and the gardens and swiming pools next to it. In this post I would like to show you some pictures of this resort and of L'Escala and L'Estartit, two nice fishing villages of la Costa Brava.

L'Escala - Montgó Beach

Montgó beach in L' EscalaOverview of Montgó beach in L'Escala, a beautiful beach of La Costa Brava

Cala Montgó in L'Escala
Another picture of Cala Montgó in L'Escala. I really like the clear water of the beaches in La Costa Brava

L'Escala Resort

L'Escala Resort in Costa BravaThis swimming pool was next to our apartment

L'Escala Resort in Costa BravaThe garden we had in front of our apartment

L'Escala Resort in Costa BravaOur apartment with the swimming pool in the foreground

L'Escala Resort in Costa BravaAnother overview of the gardens

L'Escala Resort in Costa BravaWe didn't use this deck chair because it wasn't hot


Little beach in L'EscalaAn small beach in L'Escala

Sunset in L'EscalaSunset in L'Escala


Illes Medes from L'Estartit beach
Illes Medes (Medes Islands) from L'Estartit beach

One of the hotels in L'EstartitOne of the hotels in L'Estartit

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