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Carrer Pelai (Pelayo Street) goes from Plaça Universitat to Plaça Catalunya and it is one of the most important shopping streets in Barcelona. It's a rather short street but plenty of shops on both sides.

Plaça Universitat in Barcelona
Plaça Universitat (Universitat Square) in Barcelona, where Carrer Pelai begins

Carrer Pelai in Barcelona
On the right you can see Pelayo Street, one of the most interesting shopping streets in Barcelona. Walking along this street you will arrive at Plaça Catalunya and La Rambla

Some stores and boutiques you can find in Carrer Pelai are:

  • Bershka (Carrer Pelai, 2)

Bershka store in Barcelona
Bershka store in Barcelona

  • Stradivarius (Carrer Pelai, 30)
  • Celio (Carrer Pelai, 42)
  • Mango (Carrer Pelai, 48)
  • C & A  (Carrer Pelai, 54)
  • Zara (Carrer Pelai, 58)

Zara store in Barcelona
Zara store in Carrer Pelai in Barcelona

  • Padeví  (Carrer Pelai, 60)

  • In Carrer Pelai there is a shopping mall too, called El Triangle.

    Shopping Mall El Triangle in Barcelona
    Shopping Mall El Triangle in Barcelona

    If you like photography, in Pelayo Street you will find some interesting stores like:

    • Nivell 10  (Carrer Pelai, 10)
    • Fotoprix (Carrer Pelai, 6)

    Other shopping areas in Barcelona are:

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