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For a long time I wanted to visit and stroll through the medieval square of Vic, called Mercadal, looking at all the medieval Gothic buildings and palaces that surround it. It was a pity that in the afternoon it rained heavily and we could not stroll through the narrow and sinuous streets of the historic center of Vic all that we would have liked.

Mercadal Square in Vic with the City Hall in the background

Vic is known for its "fuets", such as the "fuets" of Casa Riera Ordeix (www.cro.es), and their typical markets. Some markets are as unique as the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Live Music Market of Vic). Besides, when Christmas is coming there is a medieval market with hundreds of drawn characters, artisans and taverns. The first Saturday of each month the antiquities market and the second saturday, a painting market is organized. In the Mercadal square, there is a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays with local products, flowers and all kinds of complements.

Below you can see the most interesting places you can visit in Vic:

  • Mercadal (Medieval Square)
  • City Hall
  • Casino of Vic
  • Roman Temple
  • City Walls
  • Cathedral
  • Episcopal Palace and Museum

Mercadal Square in Vic
City Hall of Vic

Medieval Square in Vic
Every tuesday and saturday there is a lively market takes on Mercadal Square in Vic

Mercadal Square in Vic
Sardana, the traditional dance of Catalonia, in the medieval square of Vic, called Mercadal

Mercadal Square in Vic
One of the palaces you can see from Mercadal Square in Vic

Mercadal Square in Vic
Medieval buildings beside Mercadal Square in Vic

Casino of Vic
Casino of Vic, located near the Mercadal Square

Roman temple in Vic
Roman temple in Vic

Gothic Building in Vic
Gothic building beside the roman temple in Vic

City Walls of Vic
City walls of Vic

Cathedral and Episcopal Palace in Vic
On the left, Cathedral of Vic. The redish building is the Episcopal palace

Cathedral of Vic
Inside the cathedral of Vic

Crypt of the cathedral of Vic
Crypt of the cathedral of Vic

Cathedral of Vic
Queralt Bridge and Cathedral of Vic with its romanesque bell tower

Mercadal Square in Vic
Our last image of Vic was the Mercadal Square wet

If you are interested in guided tours around the old town, there is one on saturdays at 5pm o'clock. Reservations: turisme@vic.cat

You can get more information of the city of Vic clicking on www.victurisme.cat

I can suggest a restaurant in Vic:

  • Restaurant Magda Subirana
  • Address: Sant Sadurni, 4

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