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In May 2008 I finished reading The Physician. It's a book I loved because of the values ​​of sacrifice, generosity, effort and talent it conveys.

Recently, in Barcelona, the film has been released in the cinema. For this reason I would like to update the post I wrote then about this book

In the eleventh century, in London, Rob J. Cole became an orphan when he is still a child. Fortunately the early years of his life he become the assistant of a man who travels the roads and villages of England selling its expertise in pain relief through homemade remedies.

Going with him, Rob matures and learns the difficulties of adult life in England, with roads full of bandits and where the brutality of Nordic warriors reigns. And even more important, seeing his master awakens in him the desire and ability to heal, to overcome death, to give life to those who are losing it. And so, to heal, he knows from an early age that he has a gift that will help him a lot.

The Physician written by Noah Gordon

The Physician, written by Noah Gordon

This will to heal will become uncontrollable the day he finds a doctor who is able to restore sight to the blind through cataract surgery. This will and passionate vocation for medicine, for becoming a doctor, will take him to a dangerous journey, full of dangerous adventures throughout Europe and across the Middle East to reach the splendor of the distant and wise Persia and, thus, to become a pupil of the most famous doctor of the time.

With straightforward language and a great ability to describe, Noah Gordon writes ​​a history that serves to describe the three major religions of the time: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Covering a large number of countries, the author explaining the lifestyle of each one, always influenced by the predominant religion. But surely, what I like the most of this novel is the protagonist's fighting spirit, his determination to heal,   to overcome death and the value he gives to the lives of others since he risks its own like to heal others.

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