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Carrer Petritxol is a small, narrow pedestrian street in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter which holds a special charm: the genuine charm of medieval Barcelona, especially at Christmas.

Carrer Petritxol in Barcelona
Carrer Petritxol in Barcelona

Located between Portaferrisa Street, one of the shopping streets of Barcelona, ​​and Plaça del Pi, one of the centers of the Barcelona medieval, ​​walking down this street is like a trip to the past. I really like this trip.

Plaça del Pi in BarcelonaPlaça del Pi in Barcelona is a lovely square which holds the essence of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Portaferrissa shopping street in BarcelonaPortaferrissa street, near the end of El Portal de l'Angel, is a popular shopping street in Barcelona

And during this trip, you can enjoy a delicious Swiss coffee, a cup of hot chocolate with churros and other specialties related to chocolate in its specialized bars.

Or you can enjoy the art exhibited in some of its art galleries.

Art gallery in Carrer Petritxol
Art gallery in Carrer Petritxol in Barcelona

Definitively Carrer Petritxol is a nice mix of modernity and tradition.

Granja La Pallaresa

Granja La Pallaresa is specialized in Churros with chocolate. Churros are usually eaten with thick hot drinking chocolate, especially for breakfast.

Granja la Pallaresa in Carrer Petritxol
Granja la Pallaresa in Carrer Petritxol

Granja La Pallaresa in Barcelona
Churros with chocolate in Granja La Pallaressa

  • Address: Carrer Petritxol 11
  • Website:

Granja Dulcinea

Granja Dulcinea is specialized in Churros with chocolate too. 

Granja Dulcinea
Cacaolat with melindros in Granja Dulcinea in Carrer Petritxol

  • Address: Carrer Petritxol 2

  • website:

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