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The Park Güell is a beautiful modernist park, designed by the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí (the architecht of La Sagrada Familia, La Casa Batlló, La Pedrera or El Palau Güell), and a perfect place to walk in a sunny day. From this natural environment, everybody can enjoy splendid views of Barcelona, as fantastic as those ones from Montjuïc Castle.

Park Güell

Main entrance to Park Güell in Barcelona
The main entrance to Park Güell in Barcelona

A mosaic in the stairway of Park Güell
A mosaic in the stairway which leads to the Hipòstila Square of Park Güell

Gaudí dragon fountain in Park Güell
The Gaudí dragon fountain is at the entrance to the Park Güell. This dragon is adorned in beautiful coloured tiling and is one of the most famous images of this park

Terraced area in Park Güell
At the top of Park Güell is a terraced area where you get a fantastic view of the park and of Barcelona City

Multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats in Park Güell
Here you will find multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats as shown in this picture. I enjoyed a lot admiring from here the beauty of this park and the fantastic views of Barcelona

Park Güell in Barcelona
I felt really comfortable sitting here in a sunny day admiring this fabulous environment designed by Antoni Gaudí

Park Güell in Barcelona
Gaudí preserved the spontaneous vegetation of the place that today constitutes a stretch of forest where Carobs, Oaks, Pines and Holm Oaks are abundant

Bird nests designed by Antoni Gaudí in Park Güell
Bird nests built by Antoni Gaudí in the terrace walls of the Park Güell. The walls imitate the trees planted on them

Barcelona from The Turó de les Tres Creus in Park GüellView of Barcelona from The Turó de les Tres Creus in Park Güell. This location was chosen to erect a large chapel, which was never built. I found the views of Barcelona from The Turó de les Tres Creus really fantastic

Barcelona from The Turó de les Tres Creus in Park Güell
From this viewpoint of the Park Güell I enjoyed the view of three emblematic monuments of Barcelona: The twin towers in the Olympic Village, The Sagrada Familia and The Agbar Tower

Park Güell in Barcelona
Here you can see a walkway supported by twisting rock pillars that seem to be growing out of the ground like tree trunks

Park Güell in Barcelona
Although these are rather irregular in shape they look like strangely natural too

Sala Hipóstila in Park Güell
The Sala Hipóstila in Park Güell, which was supposed to house the garden city's market, is formed by 86 Doric columns

Sala Hipóstila in Park Güell
One of Gaudí's unique tiles in Parc Güell on the ceiling of Sala Hipóstila

Park Güell in Barcelona
Doric columns support the roof of the lower court which forms the central terrace of the Park Güell, with serpentine seating round its edge

Park Güell in Barcelona
I liked a lot this way under a curved roof and flanked by columns which looked like trunks

Park Güell in Barcelona
A really peaceful place inside the Park Guell in Barcelona

Park Güell in Barcelona
Another creation of Gaudi inside the Park Güell in perfect harmony with the environment

Park Güell in Barcelona
One of the two interesting buildings at the entrance of the Parc Guell

I also would like to give you some useful Information in case you want to visit this lovely park:
  • Address: C/ Olot, 1-13.
  • Opening hours: de las 10am until the sunset.
  • Free tickets.
  • How to get there: Bus 24 and 92, Barcelona Bus Turístic, stop Park Güell.
  • Web site:

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