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Of course, Granada is known thanks to La Alhambra, El Generalife and El Albaicín (the former muslim quarter). However I really enjoyed going from bar to bar eating tapas, that is to say, "el tapeo". Tapas are different from one bar to another, so there is always some expectation and uncertainty about the tapa you will get with your drink. Besides, I liked a lot El Sacromonte and the Old Quarter.

Alhambra de Granada lit at night
La Alhambra from a restaurant near the St. Nicolás viewpoint, in Albaicín, under the moonlight, probably the best view of Granada

What we visited in Granada:

Day 1
  • Albaicín *
  • New Mosque (Albaicín) *
  • Old Quarter
  • Cathedral
  • Corral del Carbón
  • Alcaicería
  • Bib-Rambla Square
Day 2
  • Alhambra *
  • Generalife Gardens *
  • Monastery of San Jeronimo
  • Royal Chapel *
Day 3
  • Sacromonte *
  • Albaicín *
Day 4
  • St. Nicolas viewpoint (Albaicín) *
  • Carmen Aben Humeya (Albaicín) *
Day 5

  • Old Quarter of Granada

*Strongly Recommended

20/07/2010 Albaicín and Old Quarter


Our first walk in Granada was in the beautiful and lovely quarter of the Albaicín with its white houses and its steep, cobbled and narrow streets. This streets turn the Albaicín into a maze it's not easy to escape from.

Alhambra de Granada from Albaicin
Alhambra de Granada from one point inside the Albaicín, one of the best views you can enjoy in Granada

New Mosque of Granada in Albaicín

New Mosque of Granada in Albaicín
I really liked the blue star-shaped fountains of the New Mosque in Albaicín. They gave a nice and bright look to this environment, together with plants, flowers and white walls

Calderería Vieja street in Granada
Typical shops of Oriental Bazaars in Calderería Vieja street, one the streets of Granada which leads to Albaicín. Lamps, colourful scarfs and cushion covers are sold in this lively street of Granada

Old Quarter of Granada

Elvira street in Granada
Elvira street, near New Square, is one of the lively places of Granada, especially at night, and one of the best places to enjoy El Tapeo

New Square in Granada
The fountain of the new square with Santa Ana church in the background

Corral del Carbón

Corral del Carbon in Granada
Front door of the Corral del Carbón with the typical horseshoe arch, one of the arab buildings best preserved in Granada


Alcaiceria in Granada
Near the Corral del Carbon we entered the Alcaicería, where silk were sold. I liked the colourful look of this popular market in Granada

Bib-Rambla Square

Bib-Rambla square in Granada
In this square, called Bib-Rambla square, we finished this amusing tour around the old quarter of Granada. This tour really pleased us, so we repeated two days after in the Albaicín

Tapa beside Bib-Rambla square in GranadaAnd to end the tour, Granada a Pie, the company which organize this tour, invited us to eat a tapa with its corresponding drink

Cathedral of Granada

Cathedral of Granada
Night view of the Cathedral of Granada

21/07/2010 La Alhambra and Generalife

La Alhambra

Nasrid Palaces (Palacios Nazaríes)

Nasrid Palaces in La Alhambra of Granada
The Nasrid Palaces in La Alhambra of Granada where built around courtyards with fountains and ponds because water was a really important element in muslim culture. The Arrayanes courtyard was the largest one and its pond reflects the light to the adjacent rooms

Arrayanes Courtyard in La Alhambra de Granada
Arrayanes courtyard in La Alhambra de Granada with the tower of Comares in the background and the arab columns reflected on the water

Lions Courtyard in La Alhambra de Granada
Unfortunately the Lions courtyard, one of the treasures of La Alhambra de Granada was absolutely in restoration, so I was a bit disappointed. Obviously this picture is a photo of a photo

Partal Palace in La Alhambra de Granada
Partal Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings of La Alhambra de Granada, reflected on the water

Views of Granada from La Alcazaba

Albaicín from La Alhambra de Granada
I found really interesting the views of Granada from La Alcazaba of La Alhambra. Here, a beautiful view of the Albaicín. On the top, a church indicates the San Nicolás viewpoint


Acequia courtyard of El Generalife in Granada
Acequia courtyard of El Generalife, unlike the ones of The Alhambra, is covered with vegetation

Courtyard of the Sultaness in Generalife Gardens of Granada
The courtyard of the Sultaness in Generalife Gardens of Granada was the place where Zoraya met her lover

Royal Chapel

Royal Chapel of Granada
Tomb of Catholic Kings inside the Royal Chapel of Granada

Teteria in Granada
At night we took a cold tea in this tetería in Granada (a café specializing in tea)

Tetería in GranadaTaking pictures of ourselves inside a tetería

22/07/2010 Sacromonte and Albaicín

Castañeda Tapas Bar

Bodegas Castañeda Tapas Bar in Granada
One typical bar of Granada near Elvira Street called Bodegas Castañeda we visited three or four times :)

Museum of Caves in Sacromonte

Sacromonte caves in Granada
It was curious to see how people lived in Sacromonte caves. This caves are a bit small but full equipped. I liked a lot that this caves were decorated with their traditional crafts: basket-making, pottery and weaving

Alhambra de Granada from Sacromonte
Going from the Museum of Caves in Sacromonte to the Albaicín we couldn't help taking more pictures of La Alhambra de Granada


Alhambra de Granada from Albaicín
View of Sierra Nevada behind the Nasrid Palace and the Palace of Carlos V of La Alhambra from this excellent place

Alhambra de Granada from Albaicin
And as a recompense for a hot afternoon, a cold drink in this restaurant near the Sant Nicolás viewpoint. The views and the peaceful environment made this time one of the best of our stay in Granada

Alhambra de Granada from Albaicin
When the sunlight began to disappear the spectacle of light started, as you can see in this picture of La Alhambra of Granada

23/07/2010 Albaicín

Carrera del Darro

Carrera del Darro in Granada
Carrera del Darro is a street of Granada with a lot of history. Here, next to Darro river, there are remains of arab houses and palaces and monasteries of XVI and XVII centuries

El Bañuelo

Bañuelo Arab baths in Granada
One of the most interestings buildings of Carrera del Darro is these arab baths or Hammam, called El Bañuelo. It's really well preserved and the entrance is for free!


Albaicin in Granada
A typical narrow, steep and cobbled street in Albaícin

Alhambra de Granada from San Nicolas in AlbaicinLa Alhambra de Granada from the San Nicolás viewpoint in Albaicín

Carmen Nevot in Albaicín
This carmen in Albaicín, called Nevot, is a really a Palace rather than a carmen

Carmen Aben Humeya in Albaicín
A typical Carmen in Albaicín with La Alhambra  de Granada in the background. A Carmen was a large house Christians built from three or four small muslim houses. Now this Carmen, called Aben Humeya, is a restaurant with a lovely garden and fantastic views of La Alhambra. We came back that day in the evening and we had a really good time there

Carmen Aben Humeya in Albaicin
Besides the colour of the flowers, the sound of the water of this fountain of the gardens of the Carmen Aben Humeya was quite relaxing

Alhambra de Granada from Albaicin
Nasrid Palace of La Alhambra from Carmen Aben Humeya at night, one of the most beautiful views of Granada

24/07/2010 Old Quarter

Gran Via Colon in GranadaOn the right, our hostel in Gran Vía Colón, one of the main avenues of Granada

Typical tapa in GranadaA typical tapa in Granada. The best way to say goodbye to Granada

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