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On the occasion of La Mercè, the Palauet Albeniz opens its doors. It's a little palace with a beautiful gardens which is really worth visiting.

Palauet Albéniz is located in Montjuïc, between the MNAC and the Olympic Stadium. If you visit this Palace in the afternoon, after this visit you can admire the music, water and colour performance of the Magic Fountain, one of the most beautiful shows to see in Barcelona.

Joan Maragall gardens in MontjuïcJoan Maragall gardens before entering the Palauet Albéniz in Montjuïc

Palauet Albéniz in BarcelonaMain facade of the Palauet Albéniz, one of the places you must visit in Montjuïc

Palauet Albéniz in BarcelonaA painting of Salvador Dalí in the ceiling just after crossing the back door of the palace

Inside the Palace

Palauet Albéniz in BarcelonaStaind glass window on the ceiling of one of the rooms of the Palauet Albéniz

Palauet Albéniz in BarcelonaDining Room of Palauet Albéniz

Joan Maragall Gardens

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaThis fountain is the link between the Palauet Albéniz and Joan Maragall gardens

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaIn my opinion, Joan Maragall gardens are one of the most charming and quiet places in Barcelona

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaFountains give more life to Joan Maragall gardens

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaAs it can be seen, many people decided to enjoy a relaxing walk along Joan Maragall gardens that saturday evening

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaOne of the many sculptures you can admire while walking along Joan Maragall gardens

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaWater and sculptures are two of the main elements of Joan Maragall gardens, together with flowers, of course

Palauet Albéniz in MontjuïcOverview of Joan Maragall gardens with the Palauet Albéniz in the background

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaRed flowers and white streetlamps give colour to this peaceful square inside the Joan Maragall gardens

Joan Maragall gardens in BarcelonaThese water jets welcome the visitors in one of the entrances of the palace

Next, I would like to give you some useful information:

- Address: Avda. de L'Estadi (in front of the Olympic Stadium).
- How to arrive:
  • Bus 50, 55 i 61.
  • Barcelona Bus Turísitic, Anella Olímpica stop
- Opening Hours: saturday, sunday and public holidays from 10:00am to 15:00pm

- The next link shows the location of the Palauet Albéniz in a map.

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