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Yesterday, a lovely sunday, we spent a fantastic day in the Montserrat Abbey and Sanctuary, one of the most important monasteries in Catalunya, walking along the paths of the spectacular mountains of Montserrat.

Located 60 km away from Barcelona, this monastery is one of the most important symbols of the Catalan Culture as well as a bastion of resistance against the dictatorship. This mountain is actually a perfect place for hiking and climbing. Next, I would like to show you some pictures of the Montserrat Abbey and the walk along this singular mountain to the highest summit of Montserrat: San Jerónimo.

At the end of this post you will find some useful information about how to arrive.

Montserrat Abbey and Sanctuary

Montserrat Mountain behind the sanctuaryThe apse of the Montserrat Abbey church with Montserrat Mountain behind the sanctuary

Montserrat AbbeyOverview of Montserrat Abbey in Barcelona

Montserrat Abbey coat of armsMontserrat Abbey coat of arms over the main entrance to the building

Montserrat AbbeyMain facade of the Montserrat Abbey

Gothic cloister of Montserrat AbbeyGothic cloister of Montserrat Abbey with Montserrat mountains behind it

View of Montserrat AbbeySoon after we began our walk to San Jerónimo, we enjoyed this view of Montserrat Abbey

Montserrat Mountain

Montserrat Mountains hide curious shapesMontserrat Mountains hide curious shapes like this one on the left: an elephant

The day was lovely and the environment really nice

San Jerónimo

We went upstairs many times before reaching the Montserrat Top: San Jerónimo

The last stairs we have to climb before enjoying the views from the top

San Jerónimo is the highest point of MontserratSan Jerónimo, the highest point of Montserrat. The views are truly fantastic

Nativity scene in San Jerónimo, the highest point of MontserratSan Jerónimo (San Jeroni) is 1236 meters high and next to the top there is this nice Nativity Scene

Stairs  to Sant Jeroni, the highest point in MontserratOverview of the stairs we had to climb to reach Sant Jeroni

View from Sant Jeroni, the highest place in Montserrat
View from Sant Jeroni, the highest place in Montserrat

Montserrat Monastery Church

Stained glass window inside the church of Montserrat abbeyWhen we arrived at Montserrat Abbey after reaching San Jeroni, we entered the church to make a wish to to see "La Moreneta". Before making my wish, I saw this beautiful stained glass window of the church

La Moreneta in Montserrat"La Moreneta", as it's known The Virgin of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia, is worshipped at the shrine in the monastery

Church of Montserrat AbbeyOverview of the Montserrat Abbey church

View from Montserrat

Great view from the Montserrat AbbeyFinally, a great view from the Montserrat Abbey in Barcelona

Useful Information:

- How to get there:
  • Train FGC from Pl. Espanya, stop Monistrol de Montserrat + Cremallera.
  • Train FGC, from Pl. Espanya, stop Aeri de Montserrat + Aeri.
  • Bus Julià from Estació de Sants.
- Web site:

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Wonderful photos. I'd love to visit the Abbey, but can't imagine ever making it over to Spain. Thanks for letting me peak into your world.

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You're welcome :) Thanks for your comment!

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