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After travelling to Rome last year, I have come back to Italy to visit two nice areas of northern Italy: Tuscany and Lombardia. There are really lovely villages in these two provinces of Italy, as well as the beautiful city of Florence.

After visiting San Gimignano and Siena, we spent the morning of our fourth day in Pisa. As soon as we arrived we went to El Campo dei Miracoli, where I could see ,in the end, the Leaning tower. Next to the Pisa leaning tower, which is actually the bell-tower of the Duomo, I also saw the baptistry and the Camposanto.

This buildings were built in Pisan-Romanesque style and are surrounded by a fantastic green carpet of grass. I really would have liked to lie on the grass if I had had enough time, but we had to go to Lucca in the afternoon, another lovely town in Tuscany.

Campo dei Miracoli in PisaOverview of El Campo dei Miracoli where you can see the Duomo, the Leaning Tower and the nice green carpet of grass

Campo dei Miracoli in PisaThe italy's largest baptistry was built in Romanesque style. However, the dome of the Pisa Baptistry is gothic

Baptistry in PisaDetail of the white Romanesque façade of the Pisa Baptistry

Duomo of PisaInside the Pisa Duomo in Campo dei Miracoli, I liked the pulpit and the painting on the apse

Duomo of PisaPainting on the apse of the Pisa Duomo in Campo dei Miracoli

Duomo of PisaIn this picture of the Duomo of Pisa you can see the apse and the San Rainieri's doors

 Pisa Leaning TowerThe Pisa Leaning Tower and the Duomo are the two more interesting buildings of El Campo dei Miracoli

 Pisa Leaning TowerAnother view of the Pisa Leaning Tower and the Duomo

 Pisa Leaning TowerTypical picture holding the Pisa Leaning Tower, the best known building of El Campo dei Miracoli

Piazza dei Cavalieri in PisaWalking from El Campo dei Miracoli to the train station we went through the Piazza dei Cavalieri

Before visiting Pisa I have read a lot about this town and everybody said that, in Pisa, it's only worth visiting El Campo dei Miracoli. Although I didn't want to believe that at first, now I agree with this opinion.

Of course, I think that visiting El Campo dei Miracoli and the Pisa Leaning Tower is enough to spend a lovely morning in Pisa. You will find some practical information (opening hours, prices, photo gallery) clicking on www.opapisa.it.

Besides you have below all the places I visited in Tuscany and Lombardia:

- Tuscany

- Lombardia

Finally, you can see more pictures of the days I spent in Rome last year clicking on the next links:

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