domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011


After travelling to Rome last year, I have come back to Italy to visit two nice areas of northern Italy: Tuscany and Lombardia. There are really lovely villages in these two provinces of Italy, as well as the beautiful city of Florence.

After visiting Pisa and its Leaning Tower in El Campo dei Miracoli, we went to Lucca by train, where we spent a lovely afternoon. Lucca isn't actually a famous town in Tuscany. However I strongly recommend visiting it.

I really liked its Pisan-Romanesque churches, its colourful buildings, its quiet streets and, especially, I was surprised by the Lucca city walls and the promenade along it.

Lucca has more than 4 km of walls surrounded by a green carpet of grass. The walls are like a huge park around the city where citizens can walk or cycling or just enjoy this charming environment.

Lucca city walls in TuscanyOverview of Lucca city walls are surrounded by a green carpet of grass

San Frediano church in LuccaSan Frediano church in Lucca from Guinigi Tower. From this tower the views were nice

Piazza Anfiteatro in LuccaColourful building in Piazza Anfiteatro. Lucca's Roman amphitheatre was long ago mined for building stone but its oval remained as a base for medieval houses

Piazza Anfiteatro in LuccaPiazza Anfiteatro in Lucca is now a quiet piazza, with ancient arches embedded in house walls

Pfanner gardens in LuccaFrom the Lucca city walls I enjoyed this view of Pfanner gardens in front of San Frediano

Pfanner gardens in LuccaI really liked this view of Pfanner gardens with its fountain from the Lucca city walls

City walls of Lucca in TuscanyAn interesting activity you can do in Lucca is to rent a bicycle and climb onto the city walls

City walls of Lucca in TuscanyHowever I chose to stroll the Lucca city walls on foot

Lucca in TuscanyIn Lucca, buildings have usually colourful façades, what gives Lucca a bright look

San Michele in Foro church in LuccaSan Michele in Foro was also built in Pisan-Romanesque style. Its arcades are stacked even higher than the Duomo's

Piazza Napoleone in LuccaPiazza Napoleone in Lucca is large square surrounded by colourful buildings

San Martino, the Duomo of LuccaSan Martino, the Duomo of Lucca

San Martino, the Duomo of LuccaMain façade of San Martino where you can see Pisan-Romanesque arcades over a portico of Romanesque carvings

Lucca city wallsNice green area in front of the Lucca city walls

Lucca city wallsWalking along the Lucca city walls is one of the most pleasant activities you can do in Lucca

As you can see, we enjoyed an intense day, so we came back to Florence a bit tired but really happy. The next day we visited the Uffizi and, afterwards, we took a train to Milano.

Below you have the places we visited in Tuscany and Lombardia:

- Tuscany

- Lombardia

Finally, you can see more pictures of the days I spent in Rome last year clicking on the next links:

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