domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011


In the previous post of Casa Milà, I said that I would try to enter this beautiful building that night. After a queue of almost two hours, I could enjoy the dreamlike rooftop, walk under the catenary arches of the attic, visit a period apartment and glance at the two courtyards of this amazing modernist building designed by the brilliant Antoni Gaudí. Of course, It was worth the wait.

Next, what I liked the most of our two-hour visit to La Casa Milà:

Rooftop of La Pedrera

Chimneys-shaped warriors of La PedreraChimneys of La Pedrera are the element which impressed me the most of the roof

Chimneys-shaped warriors of Casa MilàA closer view of these spectacular chimneys-shaped warriors

Roof and Chimneys-shaped warriors of Casa MilàUnfortunately, It was rainy and the ground was slippery, so we had to be careful

Roof and Chimneys-shaped warriors of Casa MilàAnother overview of La Pedrera dreamy rooftop around one of the courtyard, which you can see in the foreground

Chimneys-shaped warriors of Casa MilàI find these chimneys of La Pedrera really amazing

Courtyard of La Pedrera from the rooftopView of one courtyard of La Pedrera from the rooftop

Attic of La Pedrera

Catenary arches in the attic of La PedreraIn the attic of La Pedrera, under the catenary arches, there is an exhibition about other modernist buildings designed by Gaudí

Catenary arches in the attic of La PedreraAnother view of the catenary arches, which Gaudí applied to most buildings he designed

Period Apartment inside La Pedrera

Period Apartment inside La PedreraThis apartment was incredibly large. Rooms are connected by a long corridor around the courtyard

Period Apartment inside La PedreraThe apartment is furnished as it was in the early 2oth century

Courtyards of La Pedrera

Courtyard of La PedreraOverview of one of the charming courtyards of La Pedrera

Staircase of La PedreraFrom the courtyard the staircase has this beautiful look

Staircase railing carefully designed inside Casa MilàAll the elements of La Casa Milà are carefully designed, like this staircase railing

La Pedrera at nightFinally, a nice view of La Pedrera at night

In the previous post about Casa Milà, you will find pictures of this modernist building taken from the street and some useful information in case you want to visit this amazing building.

Other modernist masterpieces designed by Gaudí are:

Besides, other modernist buildings you can visit in Barcelona are:

Casa Milà is one of the most important modernist buildings in Barcelona. Of course, it isn't the only one, as you can see in a previous post called Modernism Route. In that post you will find links to other posts about La Sagrada Familia, perhaps the most impressive building in Barcelona and one of the beautiful places in Barcelona.

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Rox dijo...

I recently moved close to Barcelona,and passed this building so many times while shopping,never I gave it a closer look.So many wonderful things that we pass by and never realize what we have missed :)

Frank dijo...

I agree with you Rox. I felt the same as you when I discovered the Palau Güell, also designed by Gaudí, near La Rambla in Barcelona.

If you liked La Pedrera, perhaps you might be interested in listening to jazz music at night on the dreamy rooftop of this building. You will get more information on the following link:

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Barcelona has an amazing places to visit. Thanks for sharing this!

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