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The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and El Born hide plenty of lovely streets and squares I will try to show you in this post. These streets and squares, usually peaceful and quiet places, are the essence of this beautiful area of Barcelona. And, of course, they belong to the more beautiful places in Barcelona.

Some of the most charming streets and squares of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona are:

- Streets:

  • Carrer dels Comtes
  • Carrer del Bisbe
  • Carrer de la Pietat
  • Carrer del Paradís
  • Carrer de Marlet
  • Carrer de la Tapineria
  • Carrer Petritxol
  • Carrer de Montcada

- Squares:

Next you can see some pictures of this streets and squares.

Around Portal de l'Angel

Carrer Amargós in the Gothic QuarterCarrer Amargós, a typical narrow street in the Gothic Quarter

Around Barcelona Cathedral

Carrer dels Comtes in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter
Carrer dels Comtes, one of the most important streets in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter. In this picture you can see El Palau del Lloctinent on the right and the Frederic Marès museum on the right

Carrer del Bisbe inside the Barcelona Gothic Quarter
Carrer del Bisbe, another important streets in the Gothic Quarter, leads you from the Cathedral to Sant Jaume Square

Plaça Garriga i Bachs in BarcelonaPlaça Garriga i Bachs, located in front of the entrance to the cloister of the cathedral

Carrer de la Pietat inside the Barcelona Gothic Quarter
Carrer de la Pietat, in the rear of the cathedral

Carrer del Paradís in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter
At the end of el Carrer del Paradís, on the left, you can visit the remains of the Temple of Augustus

Around Sant Felip Neri Square

Carrer de Montjuic del Bisbe in the Gothic QuarterCarrer de Montjuic del Bisbe, just before arriving at Sant Felip Neri Square, one of the most charming places in the Gothic Quarter

Sant Felip Neri Square inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterSant Felip Neri Square, located in the heart of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Carrer de Marlet in the Jewish Quarter
Carrer de Marlet, one of the streets of the Jewish Quarter

Around Plaça del Rei

Carrer de la TapineriaCarrer de la Tapineria, which let you go from La Plaça de la Catedral to La Plaça del Rei

Plaça del Rei in the Gothic Quarter
Plaça del Rei, surrounded by buildings of the Royal Palace, another lovely square in the Gothic Quarter

Around Plaça del Pi

Carrer de'n Roca around Plaça del PiCarrer de'n Roca, one of the lovely streets around Plaça del Pi

Carrer de Petritxol around Plaça del PiCarrer de Petritxol, a perfect place to have tea (or coffee) in the afternoon in one of its Cafés

Plaça del Pi and gothic church of Santa Maria del PiPlaça del Pi with the gothic church of Santa Maria del Pi on the left

Plaça de Sant Just (Sant Just Square)

Plaça de Sant Just inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterPlaça de Sant Just, one of the most peaceful places in the Gothic Quarter, is located near the Barcelona City Hall

Around Carrer de Montcada (Montcada Street)

Carrer dels Cotoners near the Picasso MuseumCarrer dels Cotoners ends in Carrer de Montcada, very near the Picasso Museum, another typical street of the Gothic Quarter

Carrer de Montcada in BarcelonaWalking along Carrer de Montcada you will arrive to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

In the old city of Barcelona you can also visit other beautiful places:

Clicking on the next link you will find more links to other beautiful places in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter, without any doubt, one of the most charming areas of Barcelona.

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