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In previous posts I have spoken about some peaceful and small squares inside the Barcelona Gothic Quarter, like:

Today I would like to show you another lovely square but, unlike the other ones, this square is quite large.

Located beside La Rambla, La Plaça Reial (Royal Square) is one of the beautiful places in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter. Built where previously there was a former Capuchin convent, the elegant ambiance of this porticoed square is accentuated by the fountain, streetlamps and palm trees. Besides, it's one of the more lively Barcelona’s spot, especially at night.

Nowadays, as well as its beauty, Plaça Reial is a busy nightlife hub, and the porticoes conceal restaurants, bars and some of Barcelona’s most popular nightspots. Without any doubt, one of the most charming places in Barcelona.

La Plaça Reial inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterOverview of La Plaça Reial where you can see the fountain, the typical streetlamps of this square designed by Antoni Gaudí, palm trees and balconies

La Plaça Reial inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterDetail of the fountain of The Three Graces with palm trees in the background. Palm trees give an exotic touch to this square of the Gothic Quarter

La Plaça Reial inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterStreetlamp in La Plaça Reial with the coat of arms of Barcelona. In the background, noble buildings with porticoes and terracotta decorations. These buildings are uniform on every side of this nice place in the Gothic Quarter

La Plaça Reial inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterThere is always a lot of people sitting on the fountain of this lively place of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

La Plaça Reial inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterBefore leaving definitely La Plaça Reial, through this three archs, I saw this view of this nice square in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

La Plaça Reial is a really worthy visiting place but you should be careful because of the presence of pickpockets and drunk people, especially at night, which are better to avoid. However, police is always near this square, so today it's a fairly safe place.

Besides, next you have some useful information:

- Address: Plaça Reial
- How to get there:
  • Metro: L3, stop Liceu.
  • Bus: 14, 59 and 91.
Other beautiful places you can visit near La Plaça Reial are:

Finally, clicking on the next link you will find links to other beautiful places in Barcelona, among them, more nice places inside the Gothic Quarter.

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