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After travelling to Rome last year, I have come back to Italy to visit two nice areas of northern Italy: Tuscany and Lombardia. There are really lovely villages in these two provinces of Italy, as well as the beautiful city of Florence.

In this post I would like to show you some pictures of Bergamo, our last pleasant surprise of our trip in Tuscany and Lombardia. We visited Bergamo after spending the previous day sailing on the Como Lake and visiting the lovely village of Bellagio.

Bergamo is one of the stunning jewels of northern Italy with a great medieval charming. I really liked the medieval look of Bergamo, with its well preserved city wall, its pedestrian streets, its charming squares and Palazzos, its beautiful churches and its funicular to arrive at La Città Alta (the old city of Bergamo).

Bergamo can be reached easily by train from Milano. To get La Città Alta from Bergamo train station you can take the bus 1 or 1A and make free transfer to Bergamo Alta Funicolare.

Next you have the most interesting places we visited in Bergamo, without any doubt, a really beautiful village perfect to spend a fantastic day.

  • City Walls
  • Piazza del Mercato
  • San Giacomo Gate
  • Via Colleoni and Via Gombito
  • Piazza Vecchia and Contarini fountain
  • Palazzo della Ragione
  • Palazzo del Podestà
  • Piazza del Duomo
  • Duomo and Baptistery
  • Colleoni Chapel
  • Santa Maria Maggiore

City Walls

City wall of Bergamo
The venetian city wall of Bergamo is really well preserved and there is a promenade along the wall which lets you get a fantastic view of the city

Piazza del Mercato

Piazza del Mercato in Bergamo
Piazza del Mercato is a lively place in Bergamo. It's the first place you see in Bergamo because the Funicolare station is here

San Giacomo Gate

San Giacomo Gate in Bergamo
After a walk along the city walls of Bergamo from Piazza del Mercato we arrived at San Giacomo Gate

Via Colleoni

Via Colleoni in Bergamo
Via Colleoni is the main street of Bergamo, perfect for a quiet walk along its shops, medieval palaces and squares

Piazza Vecchia and Palazzo della Ragione

 Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo
La Piazza Vecchia is, for me, the most beautiful place in Bergamo. The Palazzos which enclose this square gives a nice medieval look to this square

Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo
Children playing next to la Fontana Contarini, located in the middle of La Piazza Vecchia de Bergamo. Behind the fountain, El Palazzo della Ragione

Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo
A closer view of la Fontana Contarini and El Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo

Palazzo del Podestà

Palazzo del Podesta in Bergamo
Torre del Campanone belongs to El Palazzo del Podestà, now the city hall of Bergamo

Palazzo del Podesta in Bergamo
The staircase of El Palazzo del Podestà in Bergamo is quite beautiful and the views of La Piazza Vecchia and La Piazza del Duomo from here are fantastic

Palazzo Nuovo in Bergamo
Palazzo Nuovo, next to La Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo. You can also see the Contarini fountain in the middle of the square

Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo in Bergamo
La Piazza del Duomo together with La Piazza Vecchia are the heart of Bergamo

Colleoni chapel in Bergamo
On the left you can see the entrance to Santa Maria Maggiore church and, next to it, the impressive Colleoni chapel, the building of Bergamo I liked the most


Duomo of Bergamo
Inside the Duomo of Bergamo

Colleoni Chapel

Colleoni chapel in Bergamo
The Colleoni chapel, which appear behind El Palazzo della Ragione, is the most interesting building of Bergamo

Colleoni chapel in Bergamo
A closer view of the rose window of the Colleoni chapel in Bergamo

Santa Maria Maggiore

Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo
Baroque look of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, which I found more interesting than the Duomo

Unfortunately our trip in Tuscany and Lombardia ended here. We enjoyed a lot all the fantastic places we could visit in this beautiful area of Italy, so I strongly recommend spending some days in its villages and cities.

Below you can see the places I visited in Tuscany during this trip

Of course, another impressive city of Italy is Rome and the Vatican, which I could visit last year. Below you can see more pictures of the days I spent in Rome clicking on the next links:

Other great cities and countries I have visited are:

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