lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011


Between posts about the Barcelona Gothic Quarter, I thought that it would be interesting to speak about Tipping in Barcelona. This way you won't have to spend an extra money if you don't want. Of course, if the service has been excellent, your tip will be welcome and grateful.

Tipping in Barcelona isn't mandatory

First of all, if you would like to go to a restaurant for dinner or lunch in Barcelona, it would be important to know that Tipping in not mandatory, unlike many countries in Europe. In Spain tipping is actually a reward for receiving a good service and you don’t have to tip at all if you don’t want. Apart from that, waiters have their salary and the tip is a small part of their incomes.

As an example, for a two person lunch in Barcelona, if the bill were 35€, a good tip would be 3€ approximately. However you can Tipping less or not Tipping at all if you consider that the service wasn't good enough.

Finally, I would like to recommend you some great restaurants I spoke about in a previous post. I'm sure you will Tipping there without any doubt.

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