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In previous posts I have spoken about the gothic churches of Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Maria del Pi, probably two of the best know churches in Barcelona.

However, today I would like to show you a little but lovely gothic church inside the Barcelona Gothic Quarter: Santa Anna Church, which
originally constituted part of a monastery complex located outside the city walls, like the gothic monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes.

The first time I heard of this church was reading the great book La Sombra del Viento (The Shadow of the Wind), written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, three years ago. In spite of being next to two usually crowded places of Barcelona, La Rambla-Plaça de Catalunya and Santa Anna Street, I had never seen it because is hidden among modern buildings and confined, forming a square closed to traffic.

Santa Anna church inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterThis is the current main entrance to Santa Anna church, inside the Gothic Quarter, which originally constituted part of the Monastery of Santa Anna

Gothic doorway of Santa Anna church inside the Barcelona Gothic QuarterA closer view of the gothic doorway of Santa Anna church which, with a Greek cross plan, preserves its Romanesque structure, although its roof, dome base, cloister and chapter room are Gothic

Bell tower of Santa Anna churchBell tower of Santa Anna church

Gothic cloister in Santa Anna churchThe gothic cloister is the part of Santa Anna church I like the most. It's a really lovely and peaceful place inside the Gothic quarter of Barcelona

Gothic arches in the cloister of Santa Anna churchAnother picture of this charming place of Santa Anna church

Overview of Santa Anna gothic churchBefore leaving, I took a last overview picture of Santa Anna church, really a lovely place inside the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Aerial view of Santa Anna gothic churchAerial view of Santa Anna church where it can be distinguished the cloister on the left part

Aerial view of Santa Anna gothic churchSanta Anna church is enclosed by Plaça de Catalunya, La Rambla, Santa Anna Street and El Portal de l'Àngel

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