sábado, 23 de julio de 2011


Barcelona offers a new way to move around the city. It's perfect for people who love doing sport instead of taking the underground or the bus. Bicing has actually been really successful among the citizens of Barcelona since its commissioning.

Barcelona bicingA Barcelona bicing stop where you can see bicycles of this successful public transport

This new public transport is called Bicing. You have to register for a year in the bicing website paying an annual fee. As a user you can take a bike for 30 minutes for free, but if you exceed this time you have to pay an extra fee.
Besides, there are a lot of bicing stations around the city and they are increasing every year. Next you can see an updated map of bicing stations:

Bicing in BarcelonaThere a lot of bicing stations around Barcelona

If you want, clicking on the next link you can get the same updated map of bicing stations.

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