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Located just outside the Montsant region, Siurana is a charming village at the top of an escarpment in the Prades Mountains overlooking the Siurana Reservoir. I felt like visiting Siurana to enjoy the excellent views of the Siurana reservoir and surrounding valley. However, I also discovered a lovely village of stone houses and cobbled streets.

Siurana reservoir from SiuranaI think that this view of Siurana reservoir I enjoyed from Siurana is really nice

Among the attractions are the Church of Santa Maria. It is a Romanesque building preserved in its entirety. It was built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. In those years Siurana was an important defense of the border and was the last Islamic stronghold of Muslim Catalonia, won in 1153 and between 1154.

Sunset in SiuranaSunset in Siurana enjoying this fantastic view of Siurana reservoir

Typical stone house in SiuranaTypical stone house in Siurana

Main Street in SiuranaMain Street in Siurana

A typical street in SiuranaA typical street in Siurana

Medieval village of SiuranaAnother view of the main street of Siurana

Romanesque church of SiuranaRomanesque church of Siurana, an example of beauty and simplicity, has a single nave and a semicircular apse

Doorway of the romanesque church of SiuranaThe doorway of Santa Maria church has a tympanum figuratively framed by three semicircular arches resting on columns with capitals decorated with various motifs

Romanesque church of SiuranaBeautiful view of the Siurana reservoir where you also can see the Church of Santa Maria, one of the main attractions of this lovely village

Siurana reservoirAnother nice view of Siurana reservoir in the evening

Serra del MontsantTypical landscape of La Serra del Montsant where Siurana appears

As you can see in the previous pictures, Siurana reservoir, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, is surrounded by the Montsant and Prades mountain ranges. One of the most beautiful hikes you can do around here is the one which takes you to the village of Siurana along the old road from Cornudella. The path starts in the village of Cornudella and climbs up to the legendary site of Siurana, last Moorish bastion to fall to the Christian re-conquest in Catalonia.

If you liked Siurana, maybe you would be interested in visiting the nearby medieval town of Montblanc. Besides, there are other medieval villages in Catalonia as beautiful as Siurana, like Rupit and Tavertet (where you also will enjoy fantastic views of Sau reservoir), BegetSanta Pau, Castellar de N'Hug, Guimerà,  MiravetBesalú or Pals and Peratallada in la Costa BravaThe Pyrennes offers also charming romanesque villages in la Vall de Boí.

Siurana is located near la Costa Daurada, where you can visit:

If you like medieval architecture, you should also visit the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, the old city of Girona and the monasteries of:

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