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In previous posts I talked about some well-known parks in Barcelona like the Park Güell or Ciutadella Park. Of course, in Barcelona there are more nice parks, as I will show you in this post. Some of them are really lovely, like Laberint d'Horta Park or Joan Maragall Gardens.

In addition to this parks, Barcelona has a large green area: Montjuïc, where you can walk from garden to garden.

These are the parks, gardens and leisure areas I will show you in this post:

  • Laberint d'Horta Park
  • Park Güell
  • Ciutadella Park
  • Pedralbes Gardens
  • Montjuïc - Joan Maragall Gardens
  • Montjuïc - Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens
  • Montjuïc - Mirador Gardens
  • Montjuïc - Mirador del Migdia Park
  • Joan Miró Park
  • Cervantes Park and Rose Garden
  • Castell de l'Oreneta Park
  • Collserola - Sant Pere Màrtir leisure area
  • Collserola - Carretera de les Aigües
  • Collserola - Pantà de Vallvidrera

Laberint d'Horta Park

Laberint d' Horta ParkThis maze is one of the main attractions in Laberint d'Horta Park, a really lovely park. I strongly recommend visiting it in spite of being a little out of downtown

Park Güell

Park GüellMain entrance to the Park Güell, one of the masterpieces of modernism in Barcelona

Colourful benchs in Park GüellColourful benchs in Park Güell, one of the most famous elements of this beautiful park designed by Antoni Gaudí

Ciutadella Park

Fountain in Ciutadella ParkJets and dragons are two of the main elements of the fountain of Ciutadella Park

Fountain in Ciutadella ParkOverview of the fountain of Ciutadella Park

Romantic image of Ciutadella ParkRomantic image of Ciutadella Park, one of the largest parks in Barcelona and located near the old town and the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Pedralbes Gardens

Pebralbes Gardens in Barcelona
This nice pond with a marble sculpture in the middle is what you see as soon as you begin to walk inside the Pebralbes Gardens in Barcelona

Joan Maragall Gardens in Montjuïc

Joan Maragall Gardens in MontjuïcJoan Maragall Gardens, a really lovely place in Montjuïc to walk on saturday or sunday morning

Joan Maragall Gardens in MontjuïcOverview of Joan Maragall Gardens from the main entrance of the Palauet Albéniz. These gardens are located next to the Olympic ring in Montjuïc

Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens in Montjuïc

Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens in MontjuïcMossèn Cinto Verdaguer Gardens, located next to Montjuïc Castle, are a really peaceful place to walk and to spend a lovely sunday morning with the children

Mirador Gardens in Montjuïc

Mirador Gardens in MonjuïcFrom the Montjuïc Castle I could enjoy this view of the Mirador Gardens and the twin towers of the Olympic Village

Mirador del Migdia Park in Montjuïc

Moat of the Montjuïc CastleBehind the moat of the Montjuïc Castle you can see the Mirador del Migdia Park

MontjuïcCliking on this image of Montjuïc you will see the location of all the parks and gardens in Montjuïc, as well as the Olympic ring, the Magical Fountain and the Montjuïc Castle

Joan Miró Park

Joan Miró ParkJoan Miró Park is a large park located next to Las Arenas Shopping center

Palms in Joan Miró Park
Palms in Joan Miró Park in Barcelona

Cervantes Park and Rose Garden

Cervantes Rose Garden
The Cervantes Rose Garden has around 10,000 rosebushes of some 2,000 species and different varieties that, at the peak flowering period - between May and July - may produce 150,000 roses blooming at a time

Cervantes park in Barcelona
The Cervantes park in Barcelona is a magnificent and very open green space that is distinguished by its large expanses of grass, wide pathways and the gentleness of the slope of the land

Castell de l'Oreneta Park

View of Barcelona from Oreneta Park
Fantastic view of Barcelona from Castell de l'Oreneta Park

Picnic area in Oreneta Park
 Picnic area in Castell de l'Oreneta Park

Oreneta Park in Barcelona
Railway in Oreneta Park in Barcelona

Sant Pere Màrtir leisure area in Collserola

Sant Pere Martir leisure area in Collserola
Sant Pere Màrtir leisure area in Collserola

Pantà de Vallvidrera in Collserola

Panta de Vallvidrera in Collserola
Pantà de Vallvidrera in Barcelona

Carretera de les Aigües

Carretera de les Aigues in Barcelona
From Carretera de les Aigües you can enjoy fantastic views of Barcelona

Below you have some links to get more information about these parks and gardens:

Finally, clicking on the next link you will find links to other beautiful places in Barcelona, among them, more nice places to walk in Montjuïc and, of course, along the Barcelona beach and the Olympic Marina.

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