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The medieval jewish quarter of Barcelona was limited by the current streets of Sant Honorat, El Carrer de la Palla, El Carrer del Call and Banys Nous street in the heart of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter. La Plaça de Sant Felip Neri and La Plaça Sant Jaume are the two natural entrances of the jewish quarter of Barcelona.

I really like walking along the narrow streets of El Call Jueu not only because it still retains its medieval essence but also because of the peace and quiet I can breathe in these streets.

Next you can see some pictures I took during one of my walks through the jewish quarter:

Marlet street in Barcelona
This junction between the streets Marlet and Sant Domènec del Call is, in my opinion, the essence and the heart of the medieval jewish quarter of Barcelona

Synagogue in Barcelona
This medieval synagogue in Barcelona was located beside the previous crossing in Marlet street

Sant Domènec del Call in Barcelona
Sant Domènec del Call, one of the most typical streets of the jewish quarter of Barcelona

Baixada de Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona
La Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, another street of El Call Jueu of Barcelona, located near Sant Felip Neri square. On the left you can see a small chapel

La Volta del Remei inside the jewish quarter of Barcelona
La Volta del Remei street inside the jewish quarter of Barcelona

El Call Jueu of Barcelona
Some of the streets you have seen in the previous pictures appear in this map of El Call Jueu (or jewish quarter) of Barcelona

Caj Chai Tea House inside the Jewish Quarter
Finally, you can enjoy a delicious tea inside the Caj Chai Tea House, located in La Placeta de Manuel Ribé, in the heart of the Barcelona Jewish Quarter (the yellow door you can see in this picture)

In the old city of Barcelona you can also visit other beautiful places:

Maybe, in the jewish quarter, there aren't as many beautiful buildings as in the gothic quarter, but its narrow and quiet streets are worthy of a visit.

You can also breathe the medieval essence walking along two other well preserved jewish quarters in Catalunya: El Call Jueu de Girona and El Call Jueu de Besalú. By the way, Besalú is a charming village and Girona is a beautiful city to visit.

Finally, clicking on the next link you will find more beautiful places in Barcelona.

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