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As well as its beautiful places, Barcelona is a really lively city, so there are a lot of pubs, cafes and snack bars. Today I would like to recommend you some of them, which are located in the most popular districts of Barcelona:

    Moritz Brewery and snack bar

    Moritz brewery in Barcelona
    A Moritz beer inside the old Moritz brewery in Barcelona, now a nice snack bar

    Moritz brewery in Barcelona
    The Old Moritz brewery in Barcelona, as it's said in the notice of this picture

    • Address: Ronda Sant Antoni 39
    • Website:

    Cafe Zurich

    Café Zurich in Barcelona
    Cafe Zurich in Plaça Catalunya is one of the most popular meeting points in Barcelona

    • Address: Plaça Catalunya, 1

    Enrique Tomás

    Enrique Tomás in Las Arenas
    In Enrique Tomás I usually enjoy a delicious iberian ham sandwich with a glass of red wine (executive menu)

    • Address: Las Arenas Shopping Mall
    • Website:


    Lizarran snack bar in Barcelona
    In Lizarran you can enjoy tasty pintxos and tapas like the ones of the picture with a glass of txakoli

    • Address: Can Bruixa 6-8 (Les Corts district)
    • Website:

      Bruc 33 Tapas

       Restaurant Bruc 33 in Barcelona
       Restaurant Bruc 33 in Barcelona

      • Address: Bruc 33 (Near Urquinaona)

      La Tasqueta de Blai in Poble Sec

      Tasqueta de Blai in Barcelona
      Tapas in Tasqueta de Blai Bar

      • Address: Blai 17 (Near Poble Sec Metro Station)

      Blai 9 in Poble Sec

      Blai 9 Tapas Bar in Barcelona
      Deliciuous Tapa in Blai 9 Bar

            Blai 9 Tapas Bar in Barcelona
            Blai 9 Tapas Bar

            • Address: Blai 9 (Near Poble Sec Metro Station)

            100 Montaditos 

            100 montaditos snack bar in Barcelona
            In 100 montaditos you can enjoy one hundred different tasty sandwiches

            • Address:
              • Gran Via 2 Shopping Mall
              • Anec Blau Shopping Mall in Castelldefels
              • Urquinaona Square, 1
            • Website:

            La Valenciana Snack Bar

            La Valenciana snack bar in Barcelona
            In La Valenciana snack bar you can enjoy some of the best horchatas in Barcelona

            • Address: Carrer Aribau 16
            • Website:

            Granja La Pallaresa

            Granja La Pallaresa is specialized in Churros with chocolate. Churros are usually eaten with thick hot drinking chocolate, especially for breakfast. La Pallaresa is located in the narrow and lovely Petrixol street near Plaça del Pi in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

            Granja La Pallaresa in Barcelona
            Churros with chocolate in Granja La Pallaressa

            • Address: Carrer Petritxol 11
            • Website:

            Granja Dulcinea

            Cacaolat with melindros in Granja Dulcinea

            • Address: Carrer Petritxol 2
            • website:

            • Tío Che Snack Bar in Rambla del Poblenou

              La Rambla del Poblenou in Barcelona
              El Tío Ché is one of the best snack bars in La Rambla del Poblenou, a really lively area in Barcelona near the beach. Here you will enjoy delicious horchatas and ice creams

              • Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 44-46
              • Website:

              Can Déu in Les Corts

              Centre Cívic Can Déu in Barcelona
              Centre Cívic (Civic Center) Can Déu in Barcelona

              Centre Cívic Can Déu in Barcelona
               Centre Cívic Can Déu is a lovely place to take a drink

              Finally, if you would like to go to a pub or a restaurant after having enjoyed a fantastic day in Barcelona, clicking on the next links you will find some nice  Tea Houses,  restaurants in Barcelona and some pubs in Barcelona.

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              Unknown dijo...

              Wow, such lovely places! Thank you for these! These are definitely some must-try restaurants when in Barcelona. Tapas are, indeed, everywhere in Barcelona. If I were to make a suggestion, it really would be great to try and hit several tapas restaurants and try out which ones have the best-tasting tapas. That would just be awesome. Haha!

              Kate Burton

              Frank dijo...

              Thank you for your comment, Kate. You defined pretty well what "Tapeo" means. It consists of going from restaurant to restaurant enjoying the best-tasting tapas in each one.