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Near the Pyrenees, La Garrotxa is a beautiful region in Catalonia where you can enjoy amazing landscapes, visit lovely medieval villages and walk through beautiful mountains and volcanoes.

During the three days we spent there, we enjoyed the following villages and activities:

  • Castellfolit de la Roca
  • Trekking in Sant Aniol d'Aguja
  • Besalú at night
  • Gorge of Molí de Murris
  • Vall de'n Bas Viewpoint
  • Santa Pau

Santa Pau is a medieval village of 14th century located in the heart of The Volcanic Region of La Garrotxa, with important elements like Santa Margarida Volcano, Croscat Volcano or La Fageda de'n Jordà (a beech forest).

Its walls, its  medieval Castle of the Barons of Santa Pau and its narrow and irregular streets give this village a distinctly medieval character.

In the center of the old town is the church of Santa Maria, with its imposing bell tower, built in the fifteenth century in Gothic style. Besides this church you will find The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) or Firal dels Bous, an arcaded square of irregular arches arranged around the castle, which makes it today one of the best preserved medieval squares in Catalonia.

Medieval village of Santa Pau
Castle of the medieval village of Santa Pau in Catalonia

Medieval village of Santa Pau
Romanesque church of Santa Pau with its gothic bell tower

Medieval village of Santa Pau
Arcaded Square and church of Santa Pau

Santa Pau in Catalonia
Typical houses of Santa Pau 

Santa Pau in Catalonia
Bell tower of the church of Santa Pau and some of the arches arranged around the castle

Santa Pau in Catalonia
Bell tower of the romanesque church of Santa Pau from its castle

Santa Pau in Catalonia
Nice corner of Santa Pau in Catalonia

Santa Pau in Catalonia
Narrow street of Santa Pau in Catalonia

Santa Pau in Catalonia
 Relaxing views from Santa Pau

Near Santa Pau, inside the Volcanic Region of La Garrotxa there are more interesting routes like:

  • Olot - Fageda d'en Jordà - Can Xel
  • Joan Maragall - La Fageda d'en Jordà
  • Santa Pau - Santa Margarida Vulcano - Can Xel
  • Croscat Vulcano
  • Montsacopa Vulcano
  • Sant Feliu de Pallerols, route inside the village

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