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It is a pleasure to go de tapeo in Zaragoza and enter one of these bars full of tapas where it becomes difficult to choice. 

But sometimes some bars choose the option of specialization, like La Cueva de Aragón or La Ballena Colorá.

The bars and restaurants I will speak about below are located near El Tubo, a street whose official name is Calle de los Estebanes. Besides I went to these bars and restaurants with a relative who lives in Zaragoza, so these bars are some of the best ones of Zaragoza.

- La Cueva de Aragón
  • Address: Calle de la Libertad, 16

- La Ballena Colorá

  • Address: Calle de la Libertad, 16

- Vinos Nicolás

  • Address: Calle Estebanés, 4

- Erzo

  • Address: Calle Santa Catalina
  • Website:

- El Portón

  • Calle Estudios

El Tubo (Calle de los Estebanes)

El Tubo in Zaragoza
Calle de los Estebanes (Estebanes Street), also known as El Tubo, is the best place to enjoy Tapas in Zaragoza

El Tubo in Zaragoza
Mudejar bell tower beside Calle de los Estebanes (Estebanes Street), also known as El Tubo, in Zaragoza

La Cueva de Aragón

Tapa de Champiñones in Zaragoza
Tapa de Champiñones (Mushrooms Tapa) we enjoyed in La Cueva de Aragón in Zaragoza

La Ballena Colorá

Montaditos in La Ballena Colora
Montaditos (small sandwiches) of with anchovies and pepper in La Ballena Colorá Snack Bar in Zaragoza

Vinos Nicolás

Tapa in Vinos Nicolas in Zaragoza
Croqueta de Jamón Ibérico (Iberian Ham Croquette), Taco de Ternera Picante (spicy beef piece) and Carioca (stuffed mussel) we enjoyed in Zaragoza

Erzo Restaurant

Erzo restaurant in Zaragoza
Erzo restaurant in Zaragoza

Tapa in Erzo restaurant in Zaragoza
Montadito (small sandwich), Pimiento relleno (Stuffed red pepper) y Croqueta de Jamón Ibérico (Iberian Ham Croquette) we enjoyed in Erzo restaurant in Zaragoza

El Portón

El Porton bar in Zaragoza
Table with different kinds of cheese, pate and prosciutto we enjoyed in El Portón snack bar in Zaragoza

Other restaurants you can try in Zaragoza are:

  • Estudios Snack Bar (Calle Estudios, Estudios Street)
  • El Fuelle Restaurant (Calle Mayor, Mayor Street)

If you are interested in visiting Zaragoza, below you have the most interesting places of this city:

  • Basílica del Pilar
  • Area of the Expo Zaragoza 2008
  • Aljafería Palace
  • Mudéjar church of San Pablo
  • Seo or Cathedral of Zaragoza
  • Church of Santa María Magdalena
  • Lonja
  • Mudéjar Tower of Zuda
  • Parque Grande

Finally, other beautiful places you can visit in Spain are:

- Catalonia

- Basque Country

- Cantabria

- Granada

- Sevilla, Córdoba, Cádiz and Costa de la Luz

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