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The Science Museum of Barcelona is called CosmoCaixa and is located on the slopes of Tibidabo, in a building designed in Catalan Art nouveau style. Formerly known as the Science Museum of Barcelona, it closed for renovations in 1998 and reopened in 2004 under its current name. 

Cosmocaixa is the Science Museum of Barcelona

Cosmocaixa offers interactive, enjoyable science and an open door for anyone who is eager to learn and understand why things are the way they are.

The museum features a variety of exhibitions, permanent and temporary, that showcase the environment, nature, science, and space. CosmoCaixa also has a Bubble planetarium, a digital planetarium and exhibitions devoted to interaction such as touch and play for small children.

In addition to its permanent facilities and exhibitions, CosmoCaixa offers a scientific and educational programme that includes, practical laboratory workshops, lectures by today's most relevant scientists, conferences, courses and debates involving experts from all over the world, which are part of the Museum's activities for the general public throughout the year.

DeLorean DMC-12 time machine
DeLorean DMC-12 time machine of Back to the Future trilogy. I visited Cosmocaixa in 2015. To this year in the future Marty McFly and Dr. "Doc" Brown travelled in this time machine in Back to the Future Part II

Hall of Matter

The permanent exhibitions of Cosmocaixa, like the Hall of Matter, help us explore the basic concepts of Science, through experiments and using the latest technology.

In the Hall of Matter you can discover Science on a journey through Time and its history, the best way of understanding evolution, from the origin of the universe to our times.

Plasma lamp in Cosmocaixa
A plasma globe or plasma lamp in the Hall of Matter. It was invented by Nicola Tesla and it is usually a clear glass sphere filled with a mixture of various noble gases with a high-voltage electrode in the center of the sphere.

Plasma globe in Cosmocaixa
A closer view of the plasma globe

Flooded Forest

The Amazon Flooded Forest, wich features more than 100 plant and animal species that convince visitors they have been transported from the Mediterranean to the very heart of the tropical jungle.

Flooded Forest in Cosmocaixa

 A flooded forest which allows visitors to experience wet and dry environs of an Amazon rainforest. I saw turtles and caimans

Exhibition about the first Personal Computers

The ZX Spectrum was an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd.

This Spectrum was based on a Zilog Z80 A CPU running at 3.5 MHz. The original model Spectrum had 16 KB (16×1024 bytes) of ROM and either 16 KB or 48 KB of RAM.

The machine's Sinclair BASIC interpreter was stored in ROM (along with fundamental system-routines).

Spectrum ZX
Spectrum ZX was one of the first personal computers

The Spectrum was among the first mainstream-audience home computers in the UK, similar in significance to the Commodore 64 in the USA.

The Commodore 64, Oric-1 and later the Amstrad CPC range were rivals to the Spectrum in the UK market during the early 1980s.

Commodore 64
Commodore 64 personal computer

The Most Important Equations in Science

Special Relativity Theory
One of the most popular equations in Physics shows the equivalence of mass and energy as a consequence of the Special Relativity Theory

Field Equations of General Relativity Theory
The Field Equations of General Relativity Theory and the Uncertainty principle of Quantum Mechanics are inconsistent. String theory and Loop Quantum Gravity are two theories which try to make them compatible

Equations of Science in Cosmocaixa
I'm an electrical engineer (Telecommunication engineer in Spain). So some of the equations I used usually in my studies were the entropy of a source, the wave equation and the Euler equation

Equations of Science in Cosmocaixa
Maxwell equations of Electromagnetism 
(22) are fundamental for designing communications systems

Equations of Science in Cosmocaixa
The Uncertainty Principle you can find in the previous picture, the Schrödinger and Dirac equations and the energy of a quantum are some of the most important equations of Quantum Mechanics

Useful Information

- Address: C/ Isaac Newton, 26
- Website: CosmoCaixa

- How to get there:

  • Bus: V13, V15, 22, 73, 75, 60 y 196
  • FGC: Cosmocaixa - Av. Tibidabo Station

- There is a Parking inside (not free)
- Inside the museum you can take a break in the restaurant and cafeteria.

Next I would like to show you some places Barcelona can offer to children as well as Cosmocaixa Museum. I'm sure that children will like and enjoy the following places in Barcelona:

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Finally below you have links of some of the most beautiful places of Barcelona and surroundings. In my opinion, they are the places and buildings you can't miss if you visit Barcelona.

Most of them are located in the Modernism Route and the Gothic Quarter. Cliking on the links below you will get more and information and pictures.

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