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In the second day, we enjoy the views from the third floor of La Tour Eiffel, from Montmartre and Le Sacré Coeur and from L'Arc de Triomphe.

Star sights of the first two days in Paris:

  • La Tour Eiffel
  • Pigalle and le Moulin Rouge
  • Montmartre and Le Sacre Coeur
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Le Louvre and Nôtre Dame at night

2ème Jour, Mercredi, le 12ème août 2009
2nd Day, Wednesday, 12th august 2009

La Tour Eiffel

Under La Tour Eiffel I looked to the sky and I saw this image...

and also this one

Under the tower there is always a lot of people waiting for climbing to the top

The Sena from the second floor of La Tour Eiffel

The original Statue of Liberty is in Paris, in a little Island in the Seine river

Le Champ de Mars from the third floor of La Tour Eiffel

Le Champ de Mars with L'école Militaire at the end, La Tour Montparnasse and the dome of Les Invalides

We had to have a photo with this impressive view of Paris as a background

L'Hôtel des Invalides with its impressive dome, under which Napoleon is buried

L'étoile Charles de Gaulle, with L'Arc de Triomphe in the center and twelve avenues which links this place with Paris

L'Arc de Triomphe from the third floor of La Tour Eiffel

Le Trocadéro from the third floor of La Tour Eiffel

Le Trocadéro on my left (on the right in the picture) and, in the background, a Park called Le Bois de Boulogne, one of the lungs of Paris

From the third floor of La Tour Eiffel and in a really sunny day, we could enjoy fantastic views which reached up to eighty kilometers

The Seine from the third floor of La Tour Eiffel. The views are really fantastic from the top of the tower. So it's always worth the queue to enjoy these views of Paris, specially in a sunny day

A photo with the Seine

L'Esplanade des Invalides and the Seine between Le musée d'Orsay and Le Louvre

Le Panthéon viewed from the second floor of La Tour Eiffel

Taking photos on the third floor of La Tour Eiffel

Le Sacré Coeur from the second floor of La Tour Eiffel

After enjoying the views of Paris from La Tour Eiffel, we went to Le Trocadéro to enjoy a wonderful view of La Tour Eiffel, probably the one most beautiful

Obviously, we took photos with this wonderful view of the tower

One more picture with this really beautiful view


The well-known Moulin Rouge, near Montmartre

Sacré Coeur

On of the typical crowned streets in Montmartre with the Sacré-Coeur in the background

Crowning the Butte Montmartre, the Sacré-Coeur was built from 1875 onwards as an act of penance after France was defeated by the Prussians in 1870. Built in a Romano-Byzantine style, the building was consecrated in 1919 and given the name “basilica,” thereby making it a shrine

The Dome is 83 meters high

From Le Sacré-Cœur, we enjoyed the unrestricted view of Paris from the square in front of the basilica

A closer view of this impressive white church


This stairs of Montmartre are really known

A typical narrow cobbled street of Montmartre with its steep slope

La place du Tertre is always really crowded and is one of the preferred places of artists

We could breathe the bohemian air which still remains in this well-known hill of Paris 

Abbesses is a station on Line 12 of the Paris Métro in the Montmartre district and the 18th arrondissement. It's located on western side of the butte (hill) of Montmartre.The station's entrance, is one of only two original Guimard entrances left in Paris. (The other is located at Porte Dauphine

Arc de Triomphe

L'Arc de Triomphe is one of the points of reference in Paris and the views from it of Les Champs Elysées and La Tour Eiffel are wonderful and really spectacular

We could enjoy the views of Paris in the evening and at night. Here, La Tour Eiffel and two of the twelve avenues which arrive at La Place de L'étoile

Another view of La Tour EiffelLa Tour Montparnasse appears on the left too

A closer view of La Tour Montparnasse and the Dome of Les Invalides

The best view of Paris from L'Arc de TriompheLes Champs Elysées with La Place de la Concorde and Le Louvre at the end

Here Le Louvre can be better seen with the obelisk of La Place de la Concorde in front of it

Sunset staring at L'Arc de la Défense

Les Champs Elysées at night from L'Arc de Triomphe its a breathtaking image of Paris. For sure,one of the views which deserves a visit to Paris

La Tour Eiffel always astonishes me at night

A closer view of La Tour Eiffel lit at night

L'Arc de la Défense is linked to Le Louvre through Les Champs Elysées

L'Arc de Triomphe at night

From L'Arc de Triomphe we went to Le quartier Latin to eat something and we could enjoy more fantastic night views of the main symbols of Paris.

Le Louvre at night

The Pyramid of Le Louvre lit at night

Arc du Carroussel at night

L'Arc du Carroussel lit at night. Through one of its archs L'Arc de Triomphe can be seen

Nôtre Dame at night

Notre Dame and La Seine at night

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