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After visiting the Estremadura area, the Algarve and the Alentejo for five days we came back to Lisboa to spend the last four days of our trip in Portugal.

Lisboa is a fantastic city with its own personality. I have really enjoyed walking along the pedestrian streets and squares of Baixa and along the cobbled, narrow and steep streets in Alfama. The views from the miradouros of the city and the Tejo river are truly fantastic, especially in the evening. And, of course, I liked a lot the palaces of Sintra.

Below you have the places of Lisboa we visited each day:

Day 6 - Lisboa
  • Baixa, Chiado, Castelo Sao Jorge, Miradouros Alfama
Day 7 - Lisboa
  • Belém
  • Miradouros Bairro Alto
Day 8 - Lisboa - Sintra
  • Palácio and Parque da Pena, Palácio Nacional de Sintra
Day 9 - Lisboa
  • Cacilhas, Cristo Rei, Chiado

Day 6

Électrico or tram 28 in Lisboa
The popular électrico 28 (tram 28) in Lisboa, near the miradouros of Santa Luzia and Largo das Portas do Sol

Battlement of the Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisboa
Battlement of the Castelo de Sao Jorge in Lisboa

Bar do Chapito in Lisboa
After visiting the Castelo de Sao Jorge we went to Bar do Chapito (Costa do Castelo 7) to have lunch. I really liked its decoration, its atmosphere and the views from this place

Miradouro of Graça in Lisboa
From the miradouro of Graça you can enjoy great views from the Castelo de Sao Jorge to 25 April bridge

Street of the Alfama district in Lisboa
Near the miradouro of Graça I saw this typical narrow and steep street in Alfama

Cervejaria Trinidade in El Barrio Alto of Lisboa 
Cervejaria Trinidade, located where previousy there was a convent, is an excellent place to have dinner in Bairro Alto of Lisboa. It's decorated with brightly colored tiles

Day 7

Torre de Belém in Lisboa
 We spent all the morning of our second day in Lisboa visiting Belém. Here, we were on the roof of the Torre de Belém

Torre de Belém in Lisboa
Overview of Torre de Belém, beside the Tejo river

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Lisboa
Impressive cloister of the huge and impressive Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This monastery is one of the most beautiful I have ever visited

Pastéis de Belém in Lisboa
After visiting Belém we enjoyed some Pastéis de Belém with a glass of Port wine in the well-known Antiga Confeitaria de Belém

Elevador da Bica in Lisboa
From Belém we went to Cais do Sodré. Near it is the Elevador da Bica, which led us to the Bairro Alto

Noo Bai Café beside the miradouro of Santa Caterina in Lisboa
In Bairro Alto, we enjoyed of fabulous views of the Tejo river, the 25 April bridge and the Cristo Rey from the Noo Bai Café, beside the miradouro of Santa Caterina

Castelo de Sao Jorge from the miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara in Lisboa
 Fantastic view of Castelo de Sao Jorge in the evening from the miradouro of Sao Pedro de Alcantara

Elevador da Glória in Lisboa
Elevador da Glória

Fountain of Rossio square in Lisboa
The fountain of Rossio square in front of the theatre in the evening

Day 8

Palacio da Pena in Sintra
We spent our eighth day in Sintra, a really beautiful town near Lisboa. Here, some domes of Palácio da Pena

Palacio da Pena in Sintra
Main entrace to Palácio da Pena

Palacio da Pena in Sintra
Palácio da Pena from a viewpoint inside the surrounding park

Palacio Nacional de Sintra 
Chimneys of the kitchen of Palácio Nacional de Sintra

 A Ginjinha in Lisboa
Again in Lisboa, we went to A Ginjinha, an small shop next to Rossio where you can buy shots (and bottles) of this popular cherry liqueur

Cobbled and narrow street of Alfama in Lisboa
A typical cobbled and narrow street in Alfama at night, where we went to see a fado performance

Day 9

Cristo Rey in Lisboa
In the morning of our last day in Portugal, we enjoyed the fantastic views of Lisboa and the 25 April bridge from the Cristo Rey

Eating sardines in a restaurant in Cacilhas 
Eating sardines in a restaurant in Cacilhas

A typical beco (backstreet) inside La Alfama in Lisboa
A typical beco (backstreet) inside Alfama

Coffee in A Brasileira Cafe in Lisboa
Finally, we ended our trip around Portugal with a coffee in A Brasileira Cafe, in Chiado

Other beautiful places I visited in Portugal during this trip were:

A year after visiting the Algarve in southern Portugal we have been in Valença do Minho, this time in the far north of the country. Valença do Minho was our starting point of The Portuguese Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago Portugués) we did in August 2012.

Finally, other great cities I have already visited are:

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Selenne dijo...

Man, you need to check some of the names in your post.

It's "Trindade" not "Trinidad" and in Portuguese there is no "El" (that's Spanish), so it should be "The Palácio da Pena", etc.
The same can be said for "Barrio" which is Spanish, in Portuguese it's "Bairro" (as in Bairro Alto).

There's no "La Baixa", just "Baixa"... no "La Alfama", just Alfama.

Frank dijo...

Thanks for your comment Selenne.

I have checked and corrected the mistakes you told me in your comment. I hope I have corrected all.

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