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The train arrived from Rovaniemi to Tampere at 5.45 am. We had to pick up the car at the office of Europcar inside the station, but at that time it was closed. We took breakfast until the office was opened

Yyteri Beach near Pori

Our first stop was in Yyteri beach near the city of Pori. It is one of the most important centers of summer holidays in Finland. We parked our white Volkswagen Polo in the parking of the spa and we walked to the beach by a wooden walkway.

Before hitting the sand we crossed a small forest with some very typical Nordic cottages.

Finnish forest
Wooden path for going from the parking to Yyteri beach

Yyteri in Finland
Typical Finnish landscape beside Yyteri beach

The long sandy beach of Yyteri was deserted. We were breathing the clean, fresh air for a while and enjoying the sea views.

Yyteri Long sandy beach
Yyteri Long sandy beach

Yyteri beach near Pori in Finland
Yyteri beach near Pori in Finland

From Yyteri we drove to Rauma to stroll around its old wooden and colourful houses. The old town of Rauma, called Vanha Rauma, is World Heritage by UNESCO as the houses of this old Nordic wooden town have hardly changed since its construction.

We entered the old town of Rauma crossing a small wooden bridge over a canal surrounding the old town. This wooden bridge was between the church and a very typical wooden house of Rauma painted in yellow which we would see many times as we walked around the old town.

Church of the Holy Cross in Rauma
Church of the Holy Cross in Rauma beside the Old Town

Rauma in Finland
Wooden bridge in Rauma

Then we walked through a street which took us to the central square, called Market Square, where the town hall and the best known restaurants and cafes are.

Like all the streets of the old town, the street that led us to the Market Square was cobbled and extremely clean. Generally all the old town looks like an open-air museum where everything is really tidy and quiet. The main square is quite large with a space reserved for the market.

Cobbled street in the Old Town of Rauma
We walked through this cobbled street in the Old Town of Rauma from the previous wooden bridge to the Market Square

City Hall of Rauma
Old Town Hall of Rauma. Today it serves as a museum

Market Square of Rauma
Cafe Sali beside the Market Square of Rauma

Cafe Sali in Rauma
Finnish flag on the building of the Café Sali

Market Square of Vanha Rauma
Market Square in the old town of Rauma

Market Square in the old town of Rauma
This is the place for stalls in the Market Square of Rauma

Rauma in Finland
One of the wooden houses in the old town of Rauma

We enjoyed our meal in the restaurant Ravintola Goto for just over 10 euros: a pasta salad and a chicken dish very tender as a main dish.

Ravintola Goto restaurant in Rauma
Ravintola Goto restaurant in Rauma

After lunch we kept walking through the streets we had not seen yet, including the narrowest street, called Kitukrann. We kept seeing houses painted in blue, yellow and red, really clean with wooden walls without any visible damage.

Rauma in Finland
Cobbled and incredibly clean street in Rauma

Rauma in Finland
More colorful wooden houses in Rauma

Kitukrann street in Rauma
Kitukrann street in Rauma

Kitukrann street in Rauma
Kitukränn, often cited as the narrowest street in Finland, runs between the streets Kuninkaankatu and Kauppakatu

Wooden house in Rauma
I saw this red wooden house of Rauma previously in an information booklet

Old Rauma in Finland
Walking through the streets of Vanha Rauma in the afternoon

Hauenguano Square in the Old town of Rauma
Hauenguano Square is located at the junction of the two main streets of Old Rauma: Kauppakatu and Kuninkaankatu

By mid-afternoon we went to Cafe Sali where we were almost to the evening talking to Finnish people. I liked the decor of the cafe where there is even a piano. At night we drove to Turku where we arrived around 11pm, our next and final destination in Finland before returning to Helsinki.

Market Square in Rauma
On the left the Cafe Sali building by the Market Square in Rauma

Cafe Sali in Rauma
Decoration of Café Sali in Rauma where you can see even a piano

Capuccino in Cafe Sali
Capuccino in Cafe Sali, located beside the Market Square of Rauma

This was our trip route in Finland and Estonia:

Day 1 - Helsinki
  • Aleksanterinkatu Street
  • Senaatintori
  • Lutheran Cathedral
  • Esplanadi Park
  • Kappeli Cafe

Day 2 - Helsinki and Tampere
  • Sibelius Monument
  • Olympic Stadium

Day 3 - Lapland

Day 4 - Lapland
  • Country Cross Ski in Ounasvaara Ski resort

Day 5 - Lapland
  • Snowshoes in Ounasvaara Ski Resort
  • Searching for Northern Ligths (Aurora Borealis)

Day 6 - Lapland
  • Rovaniemi
  • Arkikum Museum

Day 7 - Rauma
  • Yyteri Beach
  • Rauma

Day 8 - Turku and Helsinki
  • Castle and Cathedral of Turku
  • Senaatintori and Kauppatori (Senate Square and Market Square) in Helsinki
  • Suomenlinna (Sveavorg) in Helsinki

  • Saint Olav Church. Views from the bell-tower
  • Pikk Street
  • Tower's Square

  • Town walls, Tower's Square and Viru Gate
  • Aleksander Nevski Cathedral
  • Saint Mary Cathedral
  • Kohtu and Patkuli Platform
  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Town Hall and Town Hall's Square

  • Olde Hansa Restaurant
  • Saint Catherine Passage

    Day 10 - Helsinki

    • Buying souvenirs near Senaatintori (Senate Square)

    Finally, other countries and cities I have already visited are:

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