domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013


About 12pm we took a bus to Cavtat at the stop next to the Cable Car Station in Dubrovnik. After a 30min drive we arrived at this beautiful seaside village. We strolled along the promenade and some of the streets of the old town before having lunch at the restaurant Galija, where we enjoyed a Cevapcici dish.


Cavtat in Croatia
Cavtat is a lovely seaside village near Dubrovnik

Cavtat near Dubrovnik
Boats in Cavtat

Cavtat in Croatia
One of the narrow streets of Cavtat

Promenade of Cavtat in Croatia
Promenade of Cavtat in Croatia

Restaurant Galija in Cavtat
About to have lunch in Restaurant Galija in Cavtat

Cevapcici dish in Croatia
Cevapcici is a typical dish we enjoyed in Cavtat

Dubrovnik - Pile

Pile district in Dubrovnik
Pile district from the City Walls of Dubrovnik

Pile district in Dubrovnik
Pile district in Dubrovnik

Rooms and Apartment Kortizija in Dubrovnik
Our Sobe (Rooms and Apartment Kortizija) was in this building of Pile district in Dubrovnik

Beach in Dubrovnik
This beach was beside our accomodation in Dubrovnik

Around 4:30 pm we took the bus back to Dubrovnik to give our daily evening stroll through this wonderful city.

Below you have some useful information:

- Our accomodation in Dubrovnik was:

  • Dubrovnik: Rooms and Apartment Kortizija (highly recommended)

- Restaurants in Dubrovnik

  • Pizzeria Tabasco (Near the Cable Car station)
  • Dubravka (beside Pile Gate)

- Restaurants in Cavtat:

  • Galija (at the end of the promenade)

This was the route, which began in Venice, we did in Croatia:

Finally, other great cities I have already visited are:

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • New York and Washington
  • London
  • Dublin in Irleland
  • Istanbul in Turkey
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Rome and The Vatican
  • Paris
  • Florence in Tuscany
  • Lisboa in Portugal
  • Madrid
  • Venezia
  • Athens in Greece
  • Brussels in Belgium 

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