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After visiting Galway and the Aran Islands the previous days, we spent a fantastic day in Connemara National Park. In this National Park we visited the Killary fjord, the Irland's only fjord and we enjoyed really beautiful landscapes, especially near the Kylemore Abbey, as you will see in the following pictures.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Galway - Connemara National Park

This picture was taken from our coach a few minutes later after we left Galway. We were going to Connemara National Park

A typical picture of Ireland with lonely houses are surrounded by vast green fields under threatening clouds

Connemara National Park is a region where lakes are everywhere. These lakes give an special charm to this area

Our coach's destination was Kylemore Abbey. But before reaching this place, our guide and driver stopped two times to take some picture and this was the first one. We had to hurry up because he gave us only two or three minutes. Luckily it wasn't raining :)

Another picture of the landscape taken from our coach between the two stops we did before reaching the Kylemore Abbey

Our second stop was beside Killary fjord, the Irland's only fjord. Although this fiord looks like a lake in this picture, it really is a long narrow inlet of the sea

The Killary fjord is 16Km long and is home of mussel farms

Another photo taken from our coach. Landscapes were so beautiful that I didn't stop taking pictures from our coach

To take this picture our driver stopped but nobody was allowed to get off, so we had to take pictures of the Kylemore Abbey through the window of our coach

We reached finally the magnificent Kylemore Abbey after two hours of coach trip. Nestled in amongst the tranquil and almost idyllic mountainous landscape at Kylemore, we absorbed the relaxed paceful atmosphere while walking in one of Ireland's most romantic scenic areas

This neo-Gothic church built near the Kylemore Abbey is a real tiny Cathedral

This beautiful church was built by Mitchell Henry in memory of his wife, who died prematurely

The Kylemore Abbey was before a castle, the Kylemore castle, which was built by Mitchell and Margaret Henry had inherited from his father a fortune and used this money to built a magnificent castle with gardens where they could enjoy a calm and pleasant life with their nine sons

The Kylemore Abbey is located in a really beautiful environment, beside a lake and surrounded by mountains

During our return journey we stopped one more time to enjoy admiring more landscapes

After these days in Galway and Connemara National Park, we rent a car to visit more fantastic places in Ireland: the Cliffs of Moher, Rock of Cashel and Kilkenny Castle during the following two days.

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