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After the three days we spent in Santander, Comillas, Santillana del Mar and Bilbao, we arrived at Gipuzkoa, where we visited:

I must say that I really liked these places.

Donostia (San Sebastián)

Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian
A fantastic view of Ondarreta beach and the Igueldo mountain from the Miramar Palace in San Sebastián

Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian
Ondarreta beach from the promenade in San Sebastián

Beach of La Concha in San Sebastian
Beach of La Concha in San Sebastián

Beach of La Concha in San Sebastian
La Concha Beach from Urgull mount in San Sebastián


Marina of Getaria
This picture, taken from a point of the road which links the coastal towns of Zarautz and Getaria, shows the beach and the harbour of Getaria and the Mount Sant Antón, popularly known as "Mouse of Getaria"

The "Mouse of Getaria" was an island until the 15th century. But it was joined to the town by way of an artificial arm. The church of San Salvador appears also in this photo

Beach of Getaria
The beach of Zarautz can be seen from the beach of Getaria. This two beaches are linked by a seafront that makes possible walk from one town to the other in less than an hour's time. I find this landscape wonderful :)

Old town of Getaria
This is the high street of Getaria, which has as end the church of San Salvador. Considered one of the jewels of the gothic era in the Basque Country, as well as its great artistic value, has a historical importance: in 1397 the "Hermandad Guipuzcoana" was founded here, the origin of the current historical territory of Gipuzkoa

The monument to Juan Sebastian Elcano represents a large ship's figurehead, inspired by the "Victory of Samotrace" and commemorates the heroic deeds of this illustrious seaman

City Hall of Getaria
The current town hall of Getaria and in the foreground, an anchor which reveals the fishing essence of this lovely little town


Beach of Zarautz
The beach of Zarautz, which is The biggest beach in Gipuzkoa, extends alongside 2,500 metres. Waves flooded largely the sand creating a lot of puddles

Beach of Zarautz
A lively very long maritime promenade appears over the colours of its peculiar tent cabins. The promenade of Zarautz is excellent for an afternoon walk, especially in a sunny day. In this picture you can see the puddle I spoke about in the previous image

This building than looks like a Castle is actually the restaurant of Karlos Arguiñano, a well-known cook in the Basque Country

ZarautzThe Mount Sant Antón is known as "Mouse of Getaria" because of its shape, really similar to one of a mouse

Hondarribi (Hondarribia)

We spent one day in Hondarribi, where we visited:
  • City Walls
  • Guipuzkoa square
  • Streets of the Old City
  • Marina and Beach

The old city of Hondarribi is really beautiful, with lovely squares and colourful houses inside the well preserved city walls.

Beach of Hondarribi
The Beach of Hondarribi, between mountains and the Bidasoa river, belongs to the leisure area, together with the Sports Center and the Marina

Hondarribi marina
The Hondarribi marina is very closer to the beach and the Sports Center

Hondarribi old town
These colourful houses can be seen throughout the Hondarribi old town. Here we were in the former Parade Ground, the main public space and where the Carlos V castle is

Gipuzkoa square in Hondarribi
More typical colourful houses, now in Gipuzkoa square

Old town of HondarribiA street of the old town with more colourful houses. This buildings give a nice and bright look to the old town of Hondarribi

City Walls of Hondarribi
The walls of the old town can be clearly seen here

In this trip we visited too:

Finally, other beautiful places you can visit in Spain are:

- Catalonia

- Granada

- Sevilla, Córdoba, Cádiz and Costa de la Luz

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