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We had already spent five days in Paris but we still had a lot of interesting places and monuments to visit. We began the sixth day with a visit to the lovely Jardin du Luxembourg and, afterwards, we went to Le Parc de la Villette. Finally, at night, we enjoyed a fascinating Sena cruise. For me, one of the best experiences I lived in Paris.

Star sights of this day in Paris:

  • Le Panthéon
  • Le Quartier Latin
  • La rive gauche de la Seine
  • Nôtre Dame
  • La Sainte Chapelle


Le Panthéon

The main façade of Le Panthéon. It has a classic look

Inside Le Panthéon

In the middle of Le Panthéon there is a Foucault's Pendulum

Another picture inside Le Panthéon

The dome of Le Panthéon

Inside Le Panthéon I saw this inscription about Antoine de Saint Exupery. From here, I would want to pay tribute to this writer, author of Le Petit Prince 

Under Le Panthéon there is a crypt where there are buried many men and women who did a lot for France, like Rousseau or Voltaire. Here, Victor Hugo

La Sorbonne

Going from Le Panthéon to Le Quartier Latin we saw La Sorbonne, one of the most prestigious universities of France

Le Quartier Latin

The dome of Le Panthéon from Le Quartier Latin, a neighborhood of Paris really lively

La rive gauche de la Seine

There is an special environment around the left bank of La Seine. Here the booksellers, called in french bouquinistes, give to this place a bohemian air

Booksellers work here under the look of Notre Dame. This extremely beautiful cathedral, together with les bouquinistes and La Seine is one of the most interesting places in Paris

Nôtre Dame

Spectacular view of Notre Dame next to La Seine

A little and pleasant park at the rear of Notre Dame

The spire of Notre Dame was added after its construction and it's similar to the spire of La Sainte Chapelle

One of the impressive rose windows of Notre Dame

Some gothic elements of Notre Dame, such as flying buttress and pinnacles

Inside Notre Dame. Its main nave it's really high

On the right, the virgin of Notre Dame

And after visiting Nôtre Dame we were a bit hungry. Here, I was about to eat a delicious tajine marocaine in the restaurant Degrés de Notre Dame, a restaurant which I strongly recommend (address 10 Rue des Grands Degrés, 75005 Paris)

La Sainte Chapelle

On the left La Sainte-Chapelle next to Le Palais de Justice

Main façade of La Sainte-Chapelle where it can be seen a rose window

Inside La Sainte-Chapelle. If you don't enter this wonderful building, you can't realize how beautiful is

The rose window of the main façade

L'Hôtel de Ville

The City Hall of Paris next to La Seine

La Seine

Between La Ile de la Cité and La Ile de Sant Louis we enjoyed this view of the beach of Paris and the City Hall of Paris

There is a lot of boats-restaurant where you can eat something with wonderful views of the Seine and Notre Dame. I strongly recommend Le Six-Huit (the lilac boat that you can see under the bridge)

La Tour Eiffel at night

La Tour Eiffel lit at night from Le Trocadéro, one of the most wonderful views of Paris

L'École Militaire appears here under the main arch of La Tour Eiffel

A wonderful memory of our days in Paris

You can see more pictures of the days I spent in Paris clicking on the links below:

Besides, in France I have visited the following beautiful places I strongly recommend:

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