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We began our seventh day with a visit to the incredibly huge Jardins du Palais de Versailles. We spent there four or five hours and we came back to Paris at 5 pm, where we had a lovely time in a ship-restaurant just in front of Nôtre Dame, in the Sena left bank. I strongly recommend this restaurant, called six-huit.

Star sights of this day in Paris:

  • Versailles
  • Le Quartier Latin
  • La Seine at night

Day 7


Here we were about to enter the gardens of the Palais de Versailles

When I saw this overview of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles for the first time I became really astonished. I wouldn't have never imagined that this gardens would be so huge

This canal in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles is almost 2 kilometers long!

A view of the rear of the Palace of Versailles with the bassin d'Apollon in the foreground

Near the Neptuno fountain behind the Palace of Versailles

Inside the gardens of Versailles you can find little fountains to take a break

Or quiet squares were to sit down and to enjoy the silence

Here this really long canal begins

A view of the Palace of Versailles from the canal

At that moment we had already walked quite a lot since our arrival at the Palace of Versailles

An overview of the gardens of Versailles with the canal in the foreground and the palace in the background

While we walk along the gardens of Versailles, Google was taking photos for the Street Viewer

After eating something we came back to the surroundings of the Palace of Versailles

Flowers give a colourful look to this area of the gardens of Versailles

More flowers in this impressive gardens of Versailles

There are many sculptures throughout this really huge gardens

After this pleasing to the eye visit to these wonderful gardens of Versailles, we came back to Paris to enjoy a dinner in a boat anchored in front of Notre Dame

Le Quartier Latin

As soon as we arrived at Paris we walked a bit to buy some souvenirs in Le Quartier Latin

La Seine

The boat where we had a good time beside Nôtre Dame and where we enjoyed a delicious crepe

Fantastic views of Nôtre Dame and La Seine from our table

We asked to the waiter whether he could take us a photo

A night view of La Seine

Le Pont Neuf at night

La Seine at night with La Tour Eiffel lit in the background

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