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Our first two days in Paris were really interesting, especially the second one. In our first day we started in Les invalides and from here we went to Le Pont Alexandre III and Les Champs Elysées. We reached La Place de la Concorde walking along this glamorous avenue. In the afternoon we visited Le Arch de Triomphe

One of the most typical photos of Paris. The view of La Tour Eiffel from Le Trocadéro is wonderful, especially at night

Star sights of the first two days in Paris:

  • Les Invalides
  • Le Pont d'Alexandre III
  • Les Champs Elysées
  • La Place de la Concorde
  • Eglise de la Madeleine
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • La Tour Eiffel

1er Jour, Mardi, le 11ème août 2009
1st Day, Tuesday, 11th august 2009

Les Invalides

The first photo I took in Paris: the impressive golden dome of the Eglise des Invalides. The dome, built between 1679 and 1706, magnificently crowns the building. It's the finest dome ever built in France and its 107-metre-high lantern was regilded in 1989 for the bicentenary of the French Revolution

From the "esplanade des invalides", a huge green area, we could enjoy a great overview of the main façade and the dome of L'Hôtel des Invalides. Unfortunately, our first day in Paris was cloudy, what made that the view wasn't as impressive as it would have been

In the background, the Alexander III bridge. This bridge links the Esplanade des Invalides with the Champs Elysées and it was built on the occasion of the World Fair of 1900. The first stone was symbolically laid by the Czar Nicolas II of Russia, son of Alexander III. Completed in 1900, The Pont Alexandre III is one of the most important artistic examples of its time and has therefore been listed as a historic monument

The Alexander III bridge is highly decorated. At the four extremeties monumental pylons 17-metres high are crowned with winged-horses in gilded bronze representing the illustrious Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Industry and at the base, groups in marble representing Charlemagne's France, contemporary France, and Renaissance France of Louis XIV

Le Pont d'Alexandre III

This is the picture I took :) The golden dome of Les Invalides behind one of the four gilded bronze sculptures and some of the candelabras which illuminate the bridge

There are 32 very beautiful candelabras which illuminates completely the bridge over the Seine

Les Champs Elysées

The Obelisk, viewed from Les Champs Elysées, showed us that La Place de la Concorde was nearby

Les Champs Elysées is a wide and cobbled avenue, for sure, the most glamurous avenue in Paris. This avenue leads to L'arch de triomphe

From this point we could take a last photo before a lot of cars arrived

La Place de la Concorde

A fountain in La Place de la Concorde. In the background appears L'église de la Madeleine

The Obelisk and La Tour Eiffel view through the water of this beautiful fountain

An overview of La Place de la Concorde with the Obelisk, La Tour Eiffel and L'Assemblée National

From L'église de la Madeleine we could see a good view of the Obelisk, the dome of Les Invalides and l'Assemblée National

Eglise de la Madeleine

L'église de la Madeleine surprised me becouse it's like a Greek temple. Behind this church one of the most glamorous area of Paris begins

Altar of L'Eglise de la Madeleine

Arc de Triomphe

L'arc de Triomphe is really big and the traffic is incredibly chaotic around the Charles de Gaulle square

The ceiling of the main arch

A relief on a wall of L'Arch de Triomphe

The grave of the unknown soldier next to L'arch de Triomphe

La Tour Eiffel

Le trocadéro is always crowded because the views of La Tour Eiffel from here are fantastic

We would come back to La Tour Eiffel again the following days

You can see more pictures of the days I spent in Paris clicking on the links below:

Besides, in France I have visited the following beautiful places I strongly recommend:

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